Cross Breeding in Greenhouse

Research Laboratory and Facilities

Phenotyping Lab

  • Plant breeding efforts to produce nutritious and flavorful foods need accurate analyses of human health beneficial nutrients and flavor-aroma compounds.
  • We analyze all major and micronutrients and a range of flavor-aroma compounds using state of analytical chemistry instruments and provide those results on a real-time basis using Clemson University cloud computing facilities.
  • One of our goals is to develop nutrient analysis tools for plant breeders to use in the field. The data produced from these efforts will speed the nutritious and wholesome food production for greater human health. 
Develop Cultivars 
  • Suitable for organic production with higher nutritional quality 
  • protein, prebiotic carbohydrates, and micronutrients
Global Engagement
  • For dry pea and lentil germplasm improvement
  • Engage with state, national, and international Agriculture Development
  • Increase pulse nutritional quality to combat hidden hunger and obesity

Community Outreach, Extension, and Education

  • "Going Organic: Seminar Series” is an educational webinar series featuring new topics and guest speakers each month sharing their research! 
    •  Experts from around the world virtually present on specific aspects of organics every month 
    • attracting pulse growers, food processors, consumers, students, and those curious to learn more and ask the experts.
  • Educate both local and regional youth, using hands on experience, of the many benefits of pulses 
    • learning cooking healthy meals with pulses, non-processed foods and protein alternatives, growing pulses and cultivating for a purpose!
  • Teach growing courses and various workshops throughout the year
    • Creative Inquiry and events for furthering knowledge in cross breeding and growing field peas, lentils, and chickpeas for all education levels.

Recent Articles and Publications

NPR Article Featuring Dr. Thavarajah - "Seeds Developed Over Thousands of Years May Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change" 

"Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) as a high-throughput phenotyping tool for quantifying protein quality in pulse crops" 

"High-Throughput Phenotyping Tool for Protein Biofortification in Pulses" FTIR write-up from CSA News

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Pulse Quality and Nutritional Breeding Mission Statement:

"Biofortified pulse crops for global food and nutritional security. Genetic improvement of pulse crops for nutritional traits – protein, prebiotic carbohydrates, minerals, carotenoids, and folates."

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