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Joshua Bregy

Joshua BregyAssistant Professor
158 Rich Lab
448 Brackett Hall

Ph.D. (dual) Indiana University, 2021, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Geography
M.S. University of Southern Mississippi, 2016, Marine Science (Geological Oceanography)
B.A. University of Central Arkansas, 2013, Spanish
B.S. University of Central Arkansas, 2013, Environmental Science

CV | Publications 

Faculty Overview

Dr. Bregy’s research interests take an interdisciplinary approach to reconstruct and understand changes in climate, hazards, and extreme events during the Quaternary and Common Era (though he is more than happy to go back further in time). While he uses many different paleoclimate proxies, he primarily relies on sedimentological, dendrochronological, and isotopic techniques for climate reconstructions. His research on paleohurricanes is largely focused on understanding changes in tropical cyclone frequency and intensity, long-term tropical cyclone–climate interactions, different tropical cyclone hazards (i.e., storm surge and precipitation), and developing novel proxy techniques for paleotempestology. This information can be used to prepare for ongoing and future changes in tropical cyclones in response to anthropogenic climate change. In addition to paleotempestology, he works on reconstructing hydroclimates, atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns, and other coastal/hydrologic hazards (i.e., tsunamis, floods, sea-level change).


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Selected Publications

Harley, G.L., Therrell, M.D., Maxwell, J.T., Bhuta, A., Bregy, J.C., Heeter, K.J., and Coauthors, 2023. The Longleaf Tree-Ring Network: reviewing and expanding the utility of Pinus palustris dendrochronological data. Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment, doi: 10.1177/03091333221147652 (in press)

Maxwell, J.T., Harley, G.L., Tucker, C.S., Galuska, T., Ficklin, D.L., Bregy, J.C., and Coauthors, 2022. 1,100-year reconstruction of baseflow for the Santee River, South Carolina, USA reveals connection to the North Atlantic subtropical high. Geophysical Research Letters, 49(22), e2022GL100742, doi: 1029/2022GL100742.

Tucker, C.S., Pearl, J.K., Elliott, E.A., Bregy, J.C., Friedman, J.M., Therrell, M.D., 2022. Baldcypress false ring formation linked to summer hydroclimatic extremes in the southeastern United States. Environmental Research Letters, 17(11), doi: 1088/1748-9326/ac9745.

Bregy, J.C., Maxwell, J.T., Robeson, S.M., Harley, G.L., Elliott, E.A., Heeter, K.J., 2022. US Gulf Coast tropical cyclone precipitation influenced by volcanism and the North Atlantic subtropical high. Communications Earth and Environment, 3(1), 1–11, doi: 1038/s43247-022-00494-7.

Maxwell, J.T., Bregy, J.C., Robeson, S.M., Knapp, P.A., Soulé, P.T., Trouet, V., 2021. Recent increases in tropical cyclone precipitation extremes over the US east coast. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 118(41), doi: 1073/pnas.2105636118.

Therrell, M., Elliott, E., Meko, M., Bregy, J.C., Tucker, C., Harley, G.L., Maxwell, J., Tootle, G., 2020. Streamflow variability and false ring formation in bald cypress (Taxodium distichum). Forests, 11, doi: 3390/f11101100.

Maxwell, J.T., Harley, G.L., Matheus, T.J., Strange, B.M., Van Aken, K., Au, T.F., Bregy, J.C., 2020. Sampling density and date influence spatial representation of tree-ring reconstructions. Climate of the Past, 16: 1901–1916, doi: 5194/cp-16-1901-2020.

Bregy, J.C., Maxwell, J.T., Robeson, S.M., Ortegren, J.T., Soulé, P.T., Knapp, P.A., 2020. Spatiotemporal variability of tropical cyclone precipitation using a high-resolution gridded (0.25°x0.25°) dataset for the eastern United States, 1948–2015. Journal of Climate, 33(5), 1803–1819, doi: 1175/JCLI-D-18-0885.1.

Yanites, B.J., Mitchell, N.A., Bregy, J.C., Carlson, G.A., Cataldo, K., Holahan, M., Johnston, G.H., Nelson, A., Valenza, J., Wanker, M., 2018. Landslides control the spatial and temporal variation of channel width in southern Taiwan: implications for landscape evolution and cascading hazards in steep, tectonically active landscapes. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 43: 1782–1797, doi: 1002/esp.4353.

Bregy, J.C., Wallace, D.J., Minzoni, RT, Cruz, V, 2018. 2500-year paleotempestological record of intense storms for the Northern Gulf of Mexico, United States. Marine Geology, SI: Geological Records of Extreme Wave Events, 26–42, doi: 1016/j.margeo.2017.09.009.