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Brady A. Flinchum

Dr. Brady FlinchumAssistant Professor
170 Rich Lab
433 Brackett Hall

Ph.D. University of Wyoming, 2017, Geophysics
B.S. University of Nevada, Reno, 2012, Geophysics

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Faculty Overview

Dr. Flinchum’s teaching and research focuses on creatively combining near-surface geophysical measurements to improve our understanding of the physical and chemical processes that occur near Earth’s Surface (up to ~100 m depth). He is interested in using these measurements to improve our understanding of the relationships between geophysical, hydrological, and geochemical parameters, elucidate complex processes that shape and maintain the subsurface structure, and improve our understanding of the distribution of groundwater in the shallow subsurface. Dr. Flinchum’s research utilizes field-based measurement and reaches across scientific disciplines to decipher and integrate geophysical data sets with other data collected on different spatial and temporal scales.

Class Information

For current syllabi, please search the Clemson University Syllabus Repository.

GEOL 4090 Environmental and Exploration Geophysics
GEOL 4091 Environmental and Exploration Geophysics Laboratory

Selected Publications

Grana, D., Parsekian, A.D., Flinchum, B.A., Callahan, R.P., Smeltz, N.Y., Li, A., Hayes, J.L., Carr, B.J., Singha, K., Riebe, C.S., Holbrook, W.S., 2022. Geostatistical Rock Physics Inversion for Predicting the Spatial Distribution of Porosity and Saturation in the Critical Zone. Math. Geosci. 54, 1315–1345. doi:10.1007/S11004-022-10006-0/FIGURES/19

Flinchum, B.A., Holbrook, W.S., Carr, B.J., 2022. What Do P-Wave Velocities Tell Us About the Critical Zone? Front. Water 3, 187. doi:10.3389/FRWA.2021.772185/BIBTEX

Pasquet, S., Wang, W., Chen, P., Flinchum, B.A., 2021. Multiwindow weighted stacking of surface-wave dispersion. doi:10.1190/GEO2020-0096.1

Callahan, R.P., Riebe, C.S., Pasquet, S., Ferrier, K.L., Grana, D., Sklar, L.S., Taylor, N.J., Flinchum, B.A., Hayes, J.L., Carr, B.J., Hartsough, P.C., O’Geen, A.T., Holbrook, W.S., 2020. Subsurface Weathering Revealed in Hillslope-Integrated Porosity Distributions. Geophys. Res. Lett. 47, e2020GL088322. doi:10.1029/2020GL088322

Enemark, T., Peeters, L., Mallants, D., Flinchum, B., Batelaan, O., 2020. A Systematic Approach to Hydrogeological Conceptual Model Testing, Combining Remote Sensing and Geophysical Data. Water Resour. Res. 56, e2020WR027578. doi:10.1029/2020WR027578

Flinchum, B.A., Banks, E., Hatch, M., Batelaan, O., Peeters, L.J.M., Pasquet, S., 2020. Identifying recharge under subtle ephemeral features in a flat-lying semi-arid region using a combined geophysical approach. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. 24, 4353–4368. doi:10.5194/HESS-24-4353-2020

Flinchum, B.A., Holbrook, W.S., Parsekian, A.D., Carr, B.J., 2019. Characterizing the Critical Zone Using Borehole and Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Vadose Zo. J. 18, 1–18.

Hayes, J.L., Riebe, C.S., Steven Holbrook, W., Flinchum, B.A., Hartsough, P.C., 2019. Porosity production in weathered rock: Where volumetric strain dominates over chemical mass loss. Sci. Adv. 5, eaao0834.

Flinchum, B. A., Holbrook, W. S., Parsekian, A. D., Carr, B. J. (2019). Using borehole and surface nuclear magnetic resonance to characterize the deep critical zone structure of a weathered and fractured granite. Vadose Zone Journal. doi: 10.2136/vzj2018.12.0209; Date posted: June 25, 2019

Holbrook, W. S., Marcon, V., Bacon, A. R., Brantley, S. L., Carr, B. J., Flinchum, B. A., … Riebe, C. S. (2019). Links between physical and chemical weathering inferred from a 65-m-deep borehole through Earth’s critical zone. Scientific Reports, 9(1).