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Terry Walker

Terry WalkerProfessor
114 BRC
Clemson, SC 29631
864.656.0338 FAX

Ph.D. University of Tennessee, 1997
M.S. University of Tennessee, 1992
B.S. University of Tennessee, 1989

Professional Registration
EIT (FE) Registration #: 14550, 12/31/92, State of Tennessee

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Faculty Overview

Dr. Walker’s research interests are in the areas of Biofuels, cell culture optimization, bioseparations, and supercritical fluid processes and modeling

Class Information

For current syllabi, please search the Clemson University Syllabus Repository.

BE/ChE 4280/6280: Biochemical Engineering (3)
BE 4380/6380: Bioprocess Engineering Design (3)
BE 4990-004: Green Energy and Biofuels Research Project (1-3)
BE 8380: Advanced Bioprocess Engineering(3)
BE 8650: Advanced Biological Transport Processes(3)

Selected Publications

Jain A, Toler J, Kim TH, Walker TH*, Effect of Soaking in Aqueous Ammonia (SAA) Pretreatment on Switchgrass for the Production of Cellulases Using Trichoderma reesei Rut C-30, Biological  Eng Trans (recently accepted for publication)

Xiaoyu Feng; Terry  H Walker; William C Bridges; Charles Thornton; Karthik Gopalakrishnan, 2014, Biomass and lipid production of Chlorella protothecoides under heterotrophic cultivation on a mixed waste substrate of brewer fermentation and crude glycerol, Bioresource Technology,166:17-23.

Nhuan P. Nghiem, Chon M. Nguyen, Caye M. Drapcho, Terry H. Walker, 2013, Sweet Sorghum Biorefinery for Production of Fuel Ethanol and Value-Added Co-products Biological Engineering Transactions. 6(3): 143-155.

Chen YH, Walker TH, 2012, Fed-batch fermentation and supercritical fluid extraction of heterotrophic microalgal Chlorella protothecoides lipids, Bioresource Technol, 114:512-7.

Joshi H, BR Moser, TH Walker, 2012, Mixed alkyl esters from cottonseed oil: Improved biodiesel properties and blends with diesel fuel, JAOCS, 89(1):145-153.

Kuan CY, Walker TH, Luo PG, Chen CF, 2011, Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids promote paclitaxel cytotoxicity via inhibition of the MDR1 gene in the human colon cancer Caco-2 cell line, J Am Coll Nutr, 30:265-273.

Chen YH, TH Walker, 2011, Biomass and lipid production of heterotrophic microalgae Chlorella protothecoides by using biodiesel derived crude glycerol, Biotechnol Letters, 33(10):1973-1983.

Joshi H, Moser BR, Toler J, Smith WF, Walker TH, 2011, Ethyl levulinate: A potential bio-based diluent for biodiesel which improves cold flow properties, Biomass Bioenergy, 35, 3262-3266.

Joshi H, Moser BR, Toler J, Smith WF, Walker TH, 2010, Effects of blending alcohols with poultry fat methyl esters on cold flow properties, Renewable Energy, 35, 2207-2210.

Joshi H, Moser BR, Shah SN, Mandalike A, Walker TH, 2010, Improvement of fuel properties of cottonseed oil methyl esters with commercial additives, Eur J Lipid Sci Technol, 112(7): 802-809.

Joshi HC, BR Mosur, TH Walker*, 2010, Preparation and fuel properties of biodiesel prepared from soybean oil using mixtures of methanol and ethanol, Biomass Bioenergy, 34(1):14-20.

Joshi HC, J Toler and T Walker*, 2009, Biodiesel from canola oil using a 1 : 1 molar mixture of methanol and ethanol, Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 2009, 111, 464–473.

Cantrell, K and TH Walker, 2009, Influence of temperature growth and peak oil biosynthesis in a carbon-limited medium by Pythium irregulare, JAOCS, 86(8):791-797.

Dong M, Walker T, 2008, Production and recovery of polyunsaturated fatty acids-added lipids from fermented canola, Bioresource Technol, 99(17):8504-6.

Dong M, Walker T, 2008, Addition of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids to Canola Oil by Fungal Conversion, Enzyme Microbial Technol, 42, 514-520.

Joshi HC, Toler J and Walker T, 2008, Optimization of Cottonseed Oil Ethanolysis to Produce Biodiesel High in Gossypol Content, JAOCS, 85, 357-363.

Dong M, TH Walker, 2008, Characterization of high-pressure carbon dioxide explosion to enhance oil extraction from canola, J Supercritical Fluids, 44(2): 193-200.

Walker TH, WH Allen and CM Drapcho. 2006. A Zero-Based Curriculum Revision in Biological Engineering: Challenges for a New Century, Int. J Eng Ed. Vol.  22(6): 1123-1128.Biofuels Engineering Process Technology

Drapcho, CM, TH Walker and N Nghiem, 2008, Bioprocess Engineering for Biofuels Production. McGraw-Hill, New York. ISBN: 0071487492


Walker TH, HD Cochran and GJ Hulbert, 1999, Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of lipids from Pythium irregulare. JAOCS. 76(5), 595-602.

Walker, T.H. 1997. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of lipids from Pythium irregulare. Ph.D. Dissertation, Biosystems Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Awards & Honors

Association of South Carolina Energy Managers 2011 Energy Project of the Year award, Clemson Sustainable Biofuels Initiative: Tony Putnum, David Thornton, Terry Walker, et al.

2002 LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation Award Outstanding Teacher

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society

Sigmi Xi Scientific Research Society