Mission, Vision, & Goals


“The mission of the Institute for Ethics is to encourage discussion on campus, in businesses, and in the community about how ethical decision-making can be the basis of both personal and professional success.” –Robert J. Rutland


The vision of the institute is to partner with every academic college at Clemson to provide the tools and support for the expansion of ethics education and ethical leadership for every discipline by equipping students, staff, faculty, businesses, and community members with the tools to address personal, professional, and global ethical dilemmas.

The Rutland Institute for Ethics – Goals

  1. Encourage integration of ethics education and ethical leadership within all Clemson University colleges and provide support for those colleges as necessary to advance ethics in their disciplines.
  2. Develop and provide programmatic opportunities in the area of ethics education for University members.
  3. Develop and display examples of ethical leadership through the involvement of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate leaders in on-campus and community programs.
  4. Adopt and disseminate at least one decision-making tool for students to utilize in the face of an ethical dilemma.
  5. Enhance University goals through the use of ethics education in the curriculum.

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