Student Engagement

Our office continually offers highly competitive, paid internships throughout the academic year. If interested, please apply through the UPIC website. Internships opportunities will be titled Office of the VP for Finance & Operations Internship.

Interns work with many Clemson University employees and leaders, including business officers, fiscal analysts, program directors, etc., to provide strategic/financial consulting to both internal and external customers, develop business plans and optimal solutions in financial planning, and assist in providing data-driven support to senior leadership and departments.

Past interns have assisted with a variety of financial and operational planning projects across the University including new academic programs, the Barnes Center, Campus Recreation, Redfern Student Health Center, Office of Inclusion & Equity, Clemson Police/Fire/EMS, CU-ICAR Component Testing Lab, Clemson Blue Cheese, and more. In addition, interns are heavily relied upon to gather and analyze key financial/operational data elements and create subsequent presentations used by senior leadership in presentations to the Board of Trustees, South Carolina House Ways & Means Committee, bond rating agencies, and others. Our interns have a direct impact on the operations of the University and continue to contribute to the efficient and appropriate management of funds.

Upon graduation, some interns have decided to pursue master’s degrees including a Master of Science in Analytics at NC State and a Master of Accountancy at Clemson. Other interns have secured positions at a variety of companies including Vanguard, Bank of America, Invesco, Suntrust Bank, and the Westport Group. Our internship program provides students with real-world skills and experiences that give them a competitive advantage in pursuing their professional aspirations.

Student Testimonials

Major: Financial Management (Accounting minor)
Intern: Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016
After Graduation: Vanguard Client Service Specialist – Flagship Services
“The Office of the VP for Finance and Operations is full of great people that help you do great work. There are so many things I learned during my three semesters as an intern that made me a better student and will make me a valuable employee when I join the work force. I shared many of my internship experiences in job interviews and feel that this internship gave me a huge advantage when searching for a job. In fact, I believe the knowledge and experience I gained from this internship is what landed me a job offer at my dream company. I learned how to effectively work with a team, balance deadlines, and I greatly improved my research skills.
I worked on multiple projects that had a direct impact on Clemson. I helped create a business plan for the Clemson University Police Department that included pro-forma analysis and budget forecasting. I also helped provide supporting research and numerical data for the planning of CURI – the Clemson University Restoration Institute – located in North Charleston, SC. I loved having the opportunity to work on projects that will have an immediate, positive impact on this university.
I could not have asked for a better internship experience. This internship was a perfect complement to what I learned in the classroom and will benefit me greatly as I start my career upon graduation.”

Major: Mathematical Sciences (Business Administration minor)
Intern: Spring 2016
After Graduation: Master of Science in Analytics at NC State
“Working as an intern in The Office of the VP for Finance and Operations has been a truly invaluable experience for me. It has everything you could want in an internship and more. After just one semester here, I have already learned and grown so much. This internship gives you the opportunity to work on projects that clearly are benefitting the university and I loved seeing that what I did was meaningful and worthwhile. When working on our main project regarding universities’ research funding sources, I really enjoyed how we were given the freedom to make the project our own and take it in whichever direction we saw fit. The work I have done here has already benefitted me in other interviews and truly given me an advantage when applying to jobs. I am so thankful for my time here and know that I am leaving a better person, both professionally and personally.”

Major: Financial Management (Accounting minor)
Intern: Summer 2016, Fall 2016
After Graduation: Bank of America FMAP (Financial Management Analyst Program)
“My internship at the Office of the VP for Finance and Operations has been an amazing experience that I have learned so much from. As a senior, I talked about so many of the projects and assignments that I worked on during interviews for full time positions and the interviewers all remarked how impressed they were with how much I had taken on and learned during my internship! I really enjoyed the breadth of projects and going through the variety of them gave me a true understanding of how the working world will be after graduation. In addition to learning about finance, I learned and refined my soft working skills like the best ways to take notes in meetings, citing sources, and learning when to ask for help. I really enjoyed being a part of the finance department of the school I attend and being entrusted to do research for decisions the school is making. I believe this job made me a better candidate for full time positions and I don’t doubt it helped me get my full-time position. I’m so grateful for the time I spent here and how it really has helped me grow.”

Major: Accounting (Financial Management minor)
Intern: Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017
After Graduation: Master of Accountancy at Clemson
“My three-semester internship in the Office of the VP for Finance and Operations was a great opportunity that I was so fortunate to have, as it gave me a work experience that I would have never imagined to get while in college. From researching, to collaborating with a team on projects, to presenting findings to supervisors, to learning new software; I performed meaningful work that I was able to see the effects of. It was rewarding to see how I could impact the university through my work. I have gained valuable knowledge and skills that have helped me in many different aspects. I have acquired an advantage in the classroom, with Excel skills, especially, but also through being able to apply the work that I’ve done to the topics that I am learning in the classroom. The position has also given me an advantage in the professional world by allowing me to impress interviewers. I have yet to participate in an interview or professional discussion where I didn’t heavily mention this internship.”