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Graduate Degrees in Charleston, SC

Zucker Family Graduate Education Center

The School of Computing is offering advanced degrees in Computer Science and Digital Production Arts at the Zucker Family Graduate Education Center (ZFGEC) in North Charleston, SC. The ZFGEC houses high-tech classrooms equipped with the latest technology, collaboration spaces, conference rooms, laboratory, and studio spaces. A variety of courses are offered each semester by Clemson faculty in a traditional face-to-face classroom format and via live streaming to and from Clemson’s main campus. Students can choose to study at Clemson or Charleston and are not required to travel between the two locations.

Zucker Family Graduate Education Center is located at 1250 Supply Street, N. Charleston, SC.

For more information on all graduate degrees offered by Clemson University in Charleston, please visit Charleston Degrees.

Computer Science

The Ph.D. in Computer Science prepares individuals for research careers in industry or academia. Students will graduate with a substantial foundation in computer science, practical experience in implementing software systems, and the ability to perform original research.

The Master of Science in Computer Science is a program that prepares individuals for a Ph.D. program, research careers in industry, or advanced technical positions in industry and government. Prerequisites for this degree are a BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering, and some coursework or professional experience with networking and operating systems.

Digital Production Arts (DPA)

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program offers a unique blend of instruction from art, computer science, computer engineering, graphic communications, performing arts, philosophy, and psychology. This program is coupled with newly designed courses targeted at production techniques specific to the animation, visual effects, and electronic games industries.

The MS in DPA is designed primarily to attract technically minded students interested in learning applied technical knowledge and gaining related experience. One of the key outcomes of the program is to become competitive and gain employment as a 3D graphics programmer, software engineer, tool builder, and/or technical director in the digital production entertainment industry. Interests may also include specialized fields, such as commercial virtual reality, 3D printing, and visualization.


Adam Rollins SOC Coordinator

Adam Rollins
Student Services Coordinator
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As the Student Services Coordinator for the School of Computing, I am here to assist with any questions you have regarding our programs at Clemson University.