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Programs of Study

Areas of Specialization

The School of Computing is committed to providing academic excellence through a diverse graduate program of study, including three Doctoral and four Masters Degrees. Graduate students in the School of Computing have access to leading faculty, superior facilities, and dedicated advisors. More information about these programs is available below or you can contact the Graduate Coordinator, Adam Rollins, at

  • MS Ready
    MSCS Ready

    A year-long Readiness Sequence, based out of Greenville, prepares those without undergraduate computer science degrees to enter the Master of Computer Science program at Clemson. The program has an emphasis on hands-on, accelerated learning of core computer science material and languages. course delivery.

    Computer Science, M.S.

    This program prepares one for a career in advanced computing and Ph.D. studies through rigorous coursework and participation in innovative research projects. Students graduate with a foundation in computer science and practical experience in designing and implementing software systems.

  • PhD CPSC
    Computer Science, Ph.D.

    The Ph.D. in Computer Science is designed to offer students the opportunity to engage in innovative research in all areas of computing, while also expanding knowledge in core sectors of computer science.

  • hcc-phd.jpg
    Human-Centered Computing, Ph.D.

    This Ph.D. is focused on the design, creation, and evaluation of computational technologies as they relate to the human condition and how these technologies affect society. The objective of the degree is to prepare graduates for research positions in industry and academia by extending the frontier of knowledge.

  • DPA
    Digital Production Arts, M.S./M.F.A.

    The M.S. is a technical degree focused on software development for digital art using the tools and programming of computer graphics. The M.F.A. combines an applied creative education with the technical know-how to wield and develop digital software tools. The M.F.A. has a mandatory thesis with a DPA focus.

  • Biomedical MS
    Biomedical Data Science & Informatics, M.S., Ph.D.

    The M.S. prepares students to participate in research programs in academia, healthcare, public health, and industry by appling big data within clinical, government, and industry settings. The Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary program offered jointly with MUSC.