Academic Program Approvals and Changes

Changes to academic programs or certificates require approvals within and outside Clemson University, including:

  • Approval from your Department Chair or School Director.
  • Approval from Dean. At this stage, you must have a draft proposal with the curriculum map (and proposed changes) alongwith possible changes to resources required.
  • Curriculum Committee approval. Graduate and undergraduate curriculum committee approvals at Clemson are facilitated in Curriculog
  • Board of Trustees approval. Complete the form (big green button) below to initiate this process. Note that this form must be submitted at least a month before these changes are presented to the BoT at a scheduled meeting.
  • Approval from State and Federal agencies. Completing the approval request below will trigger the necessary processes required to receive approvals from Clemson University's external funding agencies.

Request approval for Program Changes

Exceptions to this chain of approvals are possible depending on the nature and details of the academic program actions. We are happy to discuss you individual program action with you prior to making an approval request. Please contact us at