Goat and Sheep (Caprine / Ovine) Import Requirements

CVI - Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (valid for 30 days)
Statement on CVI- "Not infected with, exposed to, or from a flock or area under quarantine for scabies, scrapie, blue tongue, or any other contagious or communicable diseases."

Non-Dairy - No testing if from TB and Brucellosis Free State. Needs TB and Brucellosis testing for all others.

Dairy - TB and Brucellosis testing within 30 days if not from Accredited or certified herd.

Goats (Caprine) and Sheep (Ovine): Official Individual Identification options:

Official tags:
     - Includes all tamper-evident ear tags approved by APHIS (USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service)
            - Scrapie tags provided by USDA APHIS

     - Legible registry tattoos from approved goat and sheep registry associations; registration certificate must accompany animal
     - Premises identification tattoo and unique animal number (flock ID in right ear, individual animal ID in left ear); tail web if ear is unusable; tattoos must be legible.

Electronic ID implants only when moved without change of ownership and must be accompanied by implant reader and registration certificate or owner statement; implant must be placed in a location allowed by Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS).

Check Emergency Notices for any additional requirements.