Tagging Information

Ordering Official National Uniform Eartag System (NUES) Eartags for Cattle

To order free NUES metal tags and have them mailed directly at no charge, producers may call Clemson Livestock Poultry Health (State Veterinarian’s office) at 803-726-7812 or email idinfo@clemson.edu with the number of tags needed (1-2 year supply).  One tagger can also be provided to each location.

The following information is required before NUES tags can be shipped:

Electronic identification devices (EIDs) with official “840” numbers can offer significant advantages to most operations and are encouraged.  However, we are unable to provide them to you at no charge. To purchase a different kind of NUES ear tag or Animal Identification Number (AIN) device, contact one of the approved tag companies listed below or a local tag supplier to purchase the eartags or device.  These companies offer a wider range of colors, styles and devices.

AllFlex USA, Inc.
National Band and Tag Company


Temple Tags/Z Tags

Destron Fearing

Fort Supply

SC Tagging Site Agreement (.pdf) - Application and agreement for approved tagging site in South Carolina.  The person responsible for the tagging site agrees to administer the tagging of livestock at their location in accordance with the responsibilities outlined in the agreement.

SC Tagging Site Fact Sheet for Cattle - Frequently asked questions regarding the Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) Rule as it applies to tagging cattle and maintaining records.

Ordering Scrapie Tags for Sheep and Goats in South Carolina