SC Animal Health Laws and Regulations


All SC Laws Associated with Animals, Livestock, and Poultry

Specific SC Laws Associated with Permits

*Note: The unannotated 1976 SC Code of Laws is current on the General Assembly's website through the end of the 2016 Session.


All SC Regulations Associated with Clemson University

Specific SC Regulations Associated with Permits

  • 27-1013 and 27-1014: Importation of Livestock and Poultry
  • 27-1015: Public Livestock Markets
  • 27-1016: Equine Facilities
  • 27-1020: Intrastate Movement of Certain Animals
  • 27-1026: Quarantine of Garbage Fed Swine
  • 27-5000 to 27-5011: Article 21. Equine Slaughter Only Assembly Point Facility
  • 27-1030 to 27-1038: Article 16. Livestock Markets; Subarticle 1. Livestock Auction Markets (LAM Regulations)

*Note: Files are current through State Register Volume 41, Issue 8, effective March 23, 2018.