Veterinary Extension

All Animal Health Program (AHP) veterinarians have extension responsibilities consistent with their areas of expertise.  A main goal of veterinary extension is to improve the availability and quality of veterinary services to South Carolina livestock producers.  AHP veterinarians provide training and assistance to veterinarians serving the livestock producers of the state.  Additionally, they serve as a resource and provide training to livestock extension agents and producers.  Coordination of program delivery is through the Clemson University Livestock & Forages Program Team.  Veterinary Extension collaboration is also available to the Clemson University Animal Veterinary Sciences Department and Experiment Station Research Farms.  Veterinary Extension personnel also develop and distribute animal health and related disease management extension bulletins and maintain outreach information available on the Animal Health Programs website.   

In extension roles, Animal Health Program veterinary expertise extends to:

  • Accredited Veterinarians serving livestock and poultry
  • Extension livestock agents
  • Food animal clients of the Clemson Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory without a veterinarian
  • Livestock and poultry producers
  • Clemson AVS & extension faculty doing applied research

Extension Veterinarians:

  • Dr. Mike Neault, Director and State Veterinarian                       
  • Dr. Sean Eastman (Equine and Swine)
  • Dr. Julie Helm (Poultry)
  • Dr. Kathryn MacDonald (Emergency Response/ESF-17)
  • Dr. Patty Scharko (Beef Cattle, Small Ruminants)

Animal Health Programs
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