Extended Equine CVI (EECVI)

Exciting news for South Carolina equine owners!
The SC Equine Event Permit will soon be replaced by the Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (EECVI). The EECVI will be available for issuance as of January 1, 2019.

As of December 31, 2019, all existing Equine Event Permits (EEPs) will expire and only the EECVI will be recognized for interstate movement. EEPs will be issued by the South Carolina State Veterinarian's office through June 30, 2019. 

The EECVI allows an individual to transport horses and other equine for purposes other than change of ownership. The EECVI extends the normal timeframe of a standard CVI from 30 days to 6 months from the CVI inspection date or until the expiration of the EIA test, whichever comes first.

Prior to each movement, the equine owner or agent must log into a database and obtain a Health Declaration and Movement Permit (HDMP). In order to remain a valid document, the EIA test form and the HDMP must be kept together (Official hard copies or official electronic forms are acceptable).

To obtain an EECVI:

  • Contact your South Carolina Veterinarian to schedule an appointment for an examination.
  • Provide an origin address where your equine is stabled.
  • Have a legible copy of a negative EIA test. If the EIA test is not valid for at least six more months, a new EIA test can be performed, or the system will shorten the expiration date of the EECVI to correspond to when the current EIA expires.
  • Be aware of official identification requirements for your destination(s). (Not all states accept all forms of official identification.) All participating states accept official chip and most accept digital pictures on an electronic Coggins.
  • Keep proof of official identification and valid Coggins at all times when not in your state of origin.
  • When it’s time to travel with your equine, log on to obtain a Health Declaration & Movement Permit (HDMP) prior to each interstate movement.
  • Enter the following information: Origin, Destination, Date of Movement, Purpose of Movement.
  • Affirm that the equine has not shown any signs of sickness in the past 7 days or has been cleared by your veterinarian for movement.
  • Download or print the HDMP at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Official identification required on South Carolina EECVI includes:

  • Implanted Microchip
  • Three photographs of the horse with the following views, contained on an electronic Coggins used for EECVI (no sketches):
    • Full Right Side View
    • Full Left Side View
    • Front view

An Electronic EIA form with these 3 photographs can be used as a form of permanent identification.

Things to Remember:

  • Each state has the authority to deny entry of animals into their state at any time. Always check with the State-Of-Destination before travel.
  • Event managers have the right to refuse entry of visibly sick animals to their event.
  • Veterinary Division personnel at events perform random health checks of animals at events.