Tutoring at the Academic Success Center at Clemson University, Clemson SC

The ASC offers FREE tutoring for almost 100 courses at Clemson University. Click on the Tutoring Schedule to see our service offerings and learn how to connect with a tutor.

Most tutoring is offered in the Class of '56 Academic Success Center Building in the open, tabled study space and tutoring rooms on the first floor. Tutors wear nametags, and table signs identify the specific courses.

  • How should I use tutoring?

    Tutoring is an active-learning activity that can help you develop the skills, strategies, and mindset you need to master a subject. If you find the content in a course challenging, our trained peer tutors can help. Free tutoring is offered for over 100 undergraduate courses. Tutoring cannot and does not replace your attendance and participation in class lectures and labs. Rather, it provides you with the opportunity to discuss difficult course concepts, ask questions, and work practice problems with a trained peer tutor who has successfully completed the course. Tutoring is offered in many disciplines including:

    • Chemistry
    • Economics
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Computer science
    • Physics
    • Biology
  • How can I find a tutoring session?

    During the fall and spring terms, the majority of tutoring is offered on a drop-in basis. The full list of courses supported by tutoring can be found by clicking the link below.

    Find a drop-in session

  • When is drop-in tutoring offered?

    Tutor support for each course depends upon tutor availability. Please check the online tutoring schedule to find the drop-in sessions for each course.

    Fall and Spring

    • Sunday: 3 pm to 8 pm
    • Monday—Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm
  • Where is tutoring offered?

    Take a look at the online tutoring schedule for a complete list of courses, locations, days and times.  For the majority of courses, tutoring is offered in the Class of ’56 Academic Success Center Building. The Tutoring Zone is on the first floor and in ASC 100, 101, 102, and 301. All tutors wear nametags and an orange shirt that says TUTOR on the back; signs on the tables identify the specific courses.

  • Who are the tutors?

    Our tutors are upper-class students who have excelled in the course(s) they support and participate in extensive training to ensure they can provide quality learning support. The tutors have a genuine desire to help other students become more confident and independent learners.

    Being a tutor is a great way to be engaged on campus and offer valuable support to many students.

    Great reasons to become an ASC Tutor:

    • Gain a transferable skillset that would be valued by any employer.
    • Expand and maintain your grasp of the course material.
    • Play a significant role in student success at Clemson University.
    • Earn money and have fun while doing it.

    ASC tutors must:

    • Have earned an "A" in the course(s)* they wish to support.
    • maintain a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA or higher.
    • Be available for at least four hours of tutoring per week and all mandatory meetings and trainings.
    • Have a recommendation from a faculty member.
    • Enroll in a one-hour credit course the first semester of employment or have earned a grade if Pass (P) in an equivalent course (CU 1110).
    • Attend a new tutor orientation prior to beginning of classes.

    *Language tutors must have completed course work in the foreign language from the 1010 level through the 2020 level at Clemson. AP scores and transfer credit are generally not accepted.

    Please complete the tutor application and ask a faculty member to complete the tutor recommendation form. Completed applications and recommendations can be returned to 311 ASC or emailed to tutor@g.clemson.edu.

  • How can the tutors help me?

    Tutoring can help you learn the skills and strategies to think more deeply about course content. After a tutoring session, you should have a greater understanding of the course material and more confidence to complete future assignments and tests.

    Tutors can:

    • help you work through difficult concepts
    • ask guiding questions to lead you toward solving problems yourself
    • suggest learning and study strategies
  • What should I bring to tutoring?

    To maximize your time at a tutoring session, come prepared. Bring anything you want to discuss, except for graded work that you have not yet submitted, including:

    • your class notes,
    • assigned reading,
    • practice problems/tests distributed by instructors or TAs,
    • and your questions.

    Tutors cannot and will not assist with any graded assignments that you have not yet submitted for a grade.

  • When should I use tutoring?

    To build your mastery of the course content right away, take advantage of tutoring early and often, rather than waiting until the night before a test or quiz. Show up early to sessions so you have enough time to ask your questions and get assistance. Attend sessions early in the semester, as sessions the night before a test may be more crowded and less helpful. Attending sessions often throughout the semester can help you stay on top of course concepts and assignments.

  • Does the ASC offer private tutoring?

    Yes, for specific courses as indicated on the tutoring schedule. Check Tutor Matching Service for Clemson students who are available for private tutoring.

  • What if tutoring is not offered for my course?

    If you need assistance in a course for which neither tutoring nor peer assisted learning is offered, you can complete the Course Assistance Request form. Another option is to see if private tutoring through Tutor Matching Service is offered for your course.

For questions about courses for which tutoring and peer-assisted learning sessions are not offered, contact Rachel Anderson.