ASC Tutoring

Tutoring at the Academic Success Center at Clemson University, Clemson SC

The ASC offers FREE tutoring for over 70 courses at Clemson University. Click on View Tutoring Schedule to see our service offerings and learn how to schedule an appointment with a tutor via CU Navigate.

One-on-one appointments are offered both in-person and virtually while group appointments are all in-person. Virtual appointments will take place via Zoom while in-person appointments take place in the Class of '56 Academic Success Center Building in the open, tabled study spaces or in individual rooms throughout the building.

  • How should I use free ASC tutoring?

    ASC Tutoring is a student-led service that allows students to develop study skills, ask questions, and explore challenging course material with a trained peer tutor. Tutoring cannot and does not replace your attendance and participation in class lectures and labs. Tutoring acts as a complement to these and provides students with the opportunity to discuss difficult course concepts and work practice problems with a trained peer tutor who has successfully completed the course at Clemson. Free ASC Tutoring is offered for over 70 undergraduate courses that can be found on the View Tutoring Schedule link and appointments are made through CU Navigate.

  • Who are the tutors?

    Our tutors are fellow undergraduate students who have been successful in the course(s) they support at Clemson while also participating in extensive training to ensure they can provide quality learning support. ASC Tutors have a genuine desire to help other students become more confident and independent learners.

    Being a tutor is a great way to be engaged on campus and offer valuable support to many students. To learn more about joining the ASC Tutoring program, visit the Working at the Academic Success Center page.

  • How can the tutors help me?

    ASC Tutors want to share their successful study strategies with other students! During a tutoring session, students can work with their tutor on specific goals such as effective study strategies, gaining a deeper understanding of course materials, and using guided questioning to work through difficult concepts and problems.

  • How can I find a tutoring session?

    During the fall and spring terms, tutoring is offered as one-on-one appointments or small group appointments. These appointments are scheduled through CU Navigate. The full list of courses supported by tutoring with detailed instructions on how to schedule an appointment can be found by clicking the “View Tutoring Schedule” icon on this page.

  • What should I bring to tutoring?

    To maximize your time during your appointment, come prepared! Our sessions are designed to be student-led so bring your specific questions and any relevant class materials such as notes, readings, books, or practice problems/tests that are distributed by your instructors.

    ASC Tutors cannot and will not assist with any graded assignments that you have not yet submitted or can resubmit for a grade.

  • When should I use tutoring?

    To build your mastery of the course content right away, take advantage of tutoring early and often, rather than waiting until the night before a test or quiz. Appointments can fill up early (especially near exams), but always check back often to see if more have opened up due to cancellations. Attending sessions often throughout the semester can help you stay on top of course concepts and assignments by building a strong study foundation in your courses.

  • How do I cancel an appointment?

    If you see that you will be unable to attend your scheduled tutoring appointment, we ask that you cancel as soon as possible to allow other students to book during that time. Appointment cancellations can be submitted through CU Navigate.

    In your Upcoming Appointments list to the right of your screen, select the tutor appointment you wish to cancel. In the Manage my Appointment box, click Cancel my Attendance. Provide a reason for the cancellation by selecting the drop down list under Reason. Click Mark as Cancelled.

    Please be aware that we do have a No Show/Late Cancellation policy that can be found by clicking the “View Tutoring Schedule” icon on this page.

  • What if tutoring is not offered for my course?

    If you are seeking assistance in a course that we do not support, we have a few places that we encourage you to look to for assistance beyond our office:

    Departmental Resources: Ask your instructor and/or TA about any resources available through the department or any that may not be listed on the departmental website.

    Fellow Classmates: Some of your classmates may already be hosting a study group that you could join, or they may be interested in joining a study group that you form on your own! The Study Buddies feature in CU Navigate is a great option for joining study groups. Study Buddies will appear as its own icon in the Explore navigation guide of the mobile app and between Appointments and Resources on the desktop version of CU Navigate.

    Academic Coaching: Academic coaching at the ASC allows students to see themselves, their skills, and their study habits from a fresh perspective through one-on-one sessions focused on learning and personal success strategies. Students can schedule free coaching appointments through CU Navigate.

For Instructors & Campus Partners

Faculty and staff play a critical role in ensuring the success of our PAL and Tutoring programs. We value opportunities to connect and collaborate as we know those partnerships ultimately contribute to student success. You can find more information about Peer Learning Support Programs by clicking on the “For Instructors and Campus Partners” icon on this page. For questions about Peer Learning Support Programs, contact

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