The Class of 1956 and Dr. Theodore G. Westmoreland

Thanks to the generosity of the small but mighty Class of 1956, Clemson students have a world-class building and support services to help them achieve their goal of attaining a Clemson University undergraduate degree. 

We at the Academic Success Center are grateful for the support of the Class of 1956.


Clemson Class of 1956 Academic Success Center Building

The story of the Clemson Class of 1956 Academic Success Building begins in 2001. At their 45th anniversary reunion, the Class of 1956 committed to raising funds for a 50th anniversary project. This commitment led to the creation of the ’56 Golden Tiger committee to choose a project. In honor of its 50th anniversary, the Class of 1956 initiated a fundraising campaign for a new building in which to house academic success programs. The building opened in Spring 2012.  The project was a big challenge for the small Class of 1956, but the committee had faith in the Class’ support of Clemson University and Clemson students. The Class’s dedication was evident at the groundbreaking ceremony on June 20, 2008 and, again, at the building dedication on April 12, 2012.



The Dr. Theodore G. Westmoreland Academic Success Program

westmoreland.jpegTheodore "Ted" G. Westmoreland, DVM, shared his fellow classmates' belief that an integral part of success is giving back to the community. Dr. Westmoreland grew up on a farm in Clover, South Carolina and raised cattle, which he later sold to pay for his Clemson tuition. He studied pre-veterinary medicine at Clemson University for two years and then transferred to the University of Georgia to complete his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. He served in the United States Air Force and later founded a veterinary practice in Shelby, North Carolina. He and his wife, Margaret Corbett Westmoreland, have five children and many grandchildren. Dr. Westmoreland put his philosophy of giving back to the community into action by founding the Dr. T.G. Westmoreland Academic Success Program as part of the Class of 1956's 50th anniversary project. Additionally, he established the T.G. Westmoreland Scholarship Endowment for animal and veterinary science majors and was a major supporter of IPTAY. Dr. Westmoreland died on November 5, 2017, but his legacy continues to live on through his impact on his family, the community, and Clemson University.

We at the Academic Success Center are grateful for the support of the Class of 1956 and Dr. Ted Westmoreland.