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Learn How to Learn. Strengthen Skills. Build Confidence and Independence.

The Academic Success Center staff provide students with the support they need to be confident, independent and lifelong learners. We connect you with professional academic coaches and peer learning leaders who can show you new ways to learn. Center staff can help you define what success looks like for you. Success happens at the Center!

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching allows students to see themselves, their skills, and their study habits from a fresh perspective through one-on-one sessions focused on learning and personal success strategies. To learn more about Academic Coaching, click here!

Tutoring and Peer-Led Learning

PAL and Tutoring sessions provide students with the opportunity to master course concepts, ask questions, and effectively use their study time to learn and collaborate with other students. To learn more about these free services and to view the schedules, click the links below:

Success Strategy Workshops

Success Strategy Workshops

Interactive presentations that can help you sharpen your learning and thinking skills, increase your confidence and enhance your knowledge of success strategies and resources.
To register for workshops, click here.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the Center

  • 75% of new students utilize one or more ASC services
  • More than 96% of students who participated in our services would recommend us to their friends
  • We provide free learning strategy handouts
  • Our building has study areas for quiet individual study or small group meetings
  • Students who participate in our services have a higher GPA than students who don’t participate
  • Gain more insight into your learning and study strategies by taking the LASSI questionnaire
  • You can download more than 20 self-guided success worksheets from our online learning page
  • Pick up your free student planner! We provide planners with learning strategies, exam calendars, campus resources, and more.
  • Students who participate in our services keep their scholarships at higher rates than students who don’t participate
  • Our staff is about your success! When you succeed, we succeed

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