Schedule an Academic Coaching Appointment

Academic coaching provides students with the opportunity to discuss the following topics related to their academic success:

  • Creating and maximizing a prioritized semester plan.
  • Setting and monitoring specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals.
  • Developing a toolkit of tangible success strategies.
  • Managing stress and accessing relevant campus resources.
  • Identifying approaches to increase academic confidence.

The Study Behavior Inventory (SBI) is one resource you may incorporate into your conversations with an academic coach. This inventory identifies areas of learning strengths, as well as areas that would benefit from greater attention and activity.

*Note: If you were referred to the ASC for learning strategies consulting, please follow the instructions for scheduling an academic coaching appointment and take the SBI in advance of your first appointment.

While not a requirement, many students meet with their academic coach on a weekly basis as an ongoing source of individualized support and accountability.

Complete this questionnaire prior to scheduling your first academic coaching appointment.
Follow up appointments may be scheduled here.