CU 1000

Bowman Field at Clemson University, South Carolina

What is CU 1000?

CU 1000 is a zero-credit, pass/no pass course that all new Clemson students are required to complete during their first semester of enrollment. The purpose of CU 1000 is to introduce new students to Clemson’s student success resources and community standards and values. CU 1000 is a hybrid course – some modules are completed online while others require in-person attendance. Course assignments are completed and submitted in Canvas, Clemson’s online learning management system.

  • How will CU 1000 help me?

    Whether you enrolled at Clemson directly after high school or transferred to Clemson from another college or university, CU 1000 can help you become more knowledgeable about Clemson’s community standards and values as well as learn about the student success and engagement resources available to you at Clemson.

    The learning objectives for this course are to increase your awareness and knowledge of:

    • Clemson’s Core Values of honesty, integrity and respect
    • University academic success resources
    • College success strategies
    • Clemson's community standards, policies and expectations
    • Your own social identity and values as well as those of others
    • Bystander intervention strategies
    • Academic advising resources
    • The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Federalist Papers
  • How do I register for CU 1000?

    You register for CU 1000 at your Orientation session during the course registration period. Your advisor or an orientation ambassador can show you how to register for this course. Students who forget to register for CU 1000 are added to the course at the beginning of the term.

  • Where do I find the CU 1000 syllabus, assignments, and other course materials?
    How do I complete and submit the CU 1000 assignments?

    All CU 1000 course materials, including the syllabus, assignments, and assignment due dates are posted in Canvas. To access Canvas, go to the Clemson homepage ( and click on ‘Students” in the upper-left corner. Then click on the “Canvas” link on the right side. Once you are logged in to Canvas, you will see the CU 1000 course link. Click on the CU 1000 link and all CU course materials can be found there.

    All CU 1000 assignments are completed and submitted in Canvas. Follow the instructions for completing and submitting assignments.

  • Have questions about CU 1000?

    Contact the CU 1000 co-instructors, Ms. Bryn Babb or Dr. Sue Whorton