Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

A student can view their Satisfactory Academic Progress in iROAR. This information is updated after each term.

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    SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress. At the end of each term (fall, spring, and summer), three SAP requirements are evaluated for each student: GPA, pacing, and maximum timeframe. The SAP requirements are GPA, maximum timeframe, and pacing. For GPA, a student must meet a minimum cumulative GPA requirement that depends on overall credit hours attempted. For maximum timeframe, a student must complete their degree in 189 credit hours (undergraduate) or 108 credit hours (graduate). For pacing, a student must earn at least 67% of credit hours attempted.

    If you do not maintain SAP, you are placed on Financial Aid Warning and stay eligible for federal aid for one additional semester. If you have not met SAP requirements at the end of that semester, you are placed on Unsatisfactory Academic Progress and ineligible for financial aid.

    You can see your current SAP status by following these steps. Select the “Financial Aid” tab on your iROAR account, then “My Financial Aid.” Select “Financial Aid Status” and then click on “Academic Progress.” Additionally, there are SAP calculators located on under “Forms and Resources.” Calculators are available for undergraduate and graduate students.

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    How to submit an appeal? You will need to submit the online appeal form with a statement explaining why you have not met the SAP requirements. You must also address how you plan to correct the issue and provide any necessary documentation, as directed on this form.

    How are Appeals reviewed? Appeals are submitted to the SAP Review Coordinator and considered by the Appeals Committee. Each submission is reviewed separately based on the student's extenuating circumstances, academic record, and documentation. The Appeals Committee reviews appeals as quickly as possible in the order that they are received. During peak processing times, appeals can take 3-4 weeks to process. 

    How Are appeals Granted if approved? If you can correct the SAP issue within one semester by credit hours or GPA, then you will be placed on Financial Aid Probation for one additional term. If you need multiple semesters to get back on track with SAP, then the committee will place you on an Academic Plan. This plan will be monitored for no more than three semesters or until your approved graduation date.

    How is an academic plan monitored? Undergraduate students are generally required to maintain at least a 2.5 semester GPA with no W's, I's, or F's every semester of their academic plan. Graduate students are generally required to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA with no W's, I's, or F's every semester of their academic plan.

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