About Clemson's Apiculture and Pollinator Program

Clemson’s Apiculture and Pollinator Program (CAPP) provides extension support to South Carolina’s beekeepers and public education to conserve pollinators statewide.

The primary goals of CAPP are to 1) enhance beekeeping in South Carolina by improving educational resources for beekeepers and 2) protect the state’s native pollinators by improving public awareness and perceptions.


  • Disseminates information through this website and through the Clemson Apiculture and Pollinator Facebook page, email newsletters, and other digital platforms,
  • Delivers technical workshops, demonstrations, and field days for beekeepers and the general public,
  • Provides subject matter trainings to the South Carolina Beekeepers Association, local beekeeper groups and individual beekeepers,
  • Coordinates the Extension Pollinator Focus Group which guides programming and provides in-service training,
  • Participates in state, regional and national collaborative extension and research initiatives to ensure efficient use of resources and develop and deliver publications,
  • Manages demonstration apiaries and sites for research and extension,
  • Provides support to regulatory personnel (DPI and DPR) involved with protecting managed pollinators,
  • Participates in various state, regional, and national meetings regarding apiculture and pollinator protection.


Please contact Ben Powell, CAPP coordinator, to learn more about the program or to get involved.
(843) 546-1013 x241