SC Ag-Watch Training

(Training courses will be on-going....always check back for future courses.)

SC Small Flock Certification Course

The SC Small Flock Certification course educates flock owners on the importance of biosecurity and management practices and how small poultry flocks can participate in the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). The workshop is offered 1-2 times a year in Columbia and Clemson, SC. Topics for the educational programs include: NPIP Certification & NPIP Tester’s Course; and Biosecurity. All flock owners are encouraged to attend the course, however, only SC residents, 18 years or older, are eligible to become SC NPIP Authorized Testing Agents. There is a fee for the course. For more information contact:. Julie Helm at 803-726-7802 (

Foreign Animal Disease Awareness, Biosecurity & Business Continuity
Planning Course for Animal Producers and Ag Responders

Contact Drs. Julie Helm or Charlotte Krugler to have this course presented at your SC livestock, poultry, or equine association/group meeting.

Awareness on emergency diseases that can have a significant economic impact to our livestock and poultry industries (Avian Influenza, Foot & Mouth Disease, etc.). Learn the importance of using Biosecurity practices to prevent the introduction and spread of diseases on farms, facilities & events. The SC Ag-Watch Program – join the neighborhood responder team to protect our animal agriculture against natural or Agro-terrorist diseases.