Clemson Extension Bull Test Program

Edisto Forage Bull Test and Heifer Development

The Edisto Forage Bull Test (EFBT) located at the Edisto Research & Education Center near Blackville, SC is a unique approach to central gain testing bulls.  It is a 168-days pasture-based test with limit-feeding of a commodity byproduct-based test ration at 1% of body weight.  EFBT was developed, built and started in 1982 with the commercial cow-calf producer in mind.  It utilizes the Southeast’s advantage in the cattle business which is the ability to grow high quality, lush forages year-round.  EFBT was designed to performance test bulls in an environment in which bull buyers expect their progeny to perform. 

The Edisto Heifer Development Project, housed at the Edisto Research and Education Center in Blackville, and in its third year, is designed as a "sister" program to the Edisto Forage Bull Test. In keeping with the themes and goals of the all forage bull test at EREC, this program develops, evaluate, breed, and market heifers from around the state and the southeast. It is not only a non-biased, university lead program for producers to evaluate and market their females, but also a source of university evaluated, forage developed heifers for commercial cattlemen to hopefully improve and grow their herds.  For more information click on the link above.

Clemson Bull Test

The Clemson Bull Test (CUBT) is located at the Clemson Beef Cattle Farm on the Piedmont Experiment Station near Pendleton, SC.  It is a 112-days feedlot test feeding a commodity byproduct-based bull test ration.