SC NPIP Requirements for Starting a Game Bird Farm or Preserve

South Carolina is a Pullorum-Typhoid Clean state and we require that birds under the NPIP program (including chickens, turkeys, pheasants, partridge, quail, grouse, guineas, ducks & geese) must enter our state from Pullorum-Typhoid Clean (certified) breeder flocks or be tested individually for the diseases.

  1. If you are a hunting preserve, where you will get flight-ready birds to be hunted on this property, you will need to follow these requirements:
    • Buying birds within the state of South Carolina - no requirements.
    • Buying birds outside the state of South Carolina - you must buy from farms who are certified under the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP Pullorum-Typhoid Clean) in their state or the birds must be tested Pullorum-Typhoid negative 30 days before entry into South Carolina. Birds must be banded with an Official State/NPIP band and an official movement document (with band numbers listed) must be submitted with the birds and to the NPIP Office (NPIP 9-3 movement form for NPIP flocks or SC Record of Interstate Movement into SC).
  2. If you are a hatchery and/or grow-out farm, where you have:
    • A breeder flock of your own, or
    • Plan to buy hatching eggs to hatch and/or grow-out to send out-of-state, or
    • Plan to buy day-old quail to grow-out to flight-ready condition to send out-of-state...

Then your farm will have to become NPIP certified in order to send hatching eggs, chicks or flight-ready birds into another state. If this will be the case, please contact me to get you started under NPIP: Julie Helm, 803-726-7802 (

SC DNR Requirements:  A license is required for Commercial Quail Breeders, Shooting Preserves, or Bird Dog Training Areas through the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. For information on these licenses contact Patty Castine at 803-734-3609.

For information on the Southeastern Game Breeders' and Hunting Preserve Association, see