SC NPIP Class and Backyard Poultry Workshops

1. SC NPIP Breeder Flock Certification & NPIP Tester's Class


2. Getting Started with Chickens (TBA)

  • This workshop provides management information on raising backyard chickens for egg or meat production
  • Getting started with a backyard flock
  • Selecting quality birds for egg and meat production
  • Permanent and mobile housing
  • Feeding
  • Predator control
  • Biosecurity basics to prevent disease

3. Flock Health (TBA)

  • This workshop provides a general overview of common diseases of poultry and how to protect your flock with biosecurity practices
  • Anatomy, physiology and reproduction basics
  • Overview of common diseases and parasites of poultry
  • Biosecurity basic to prevent disease
  • Demonstration of a necropsy

4. Eggs and Incubation (TBA)

  • Basics of setting up an incubator
  • Incubation process
  • Brooder set up and management
  • Egg handling
  • Egg safety and egg sales
  • Incubator set up demonstration