Finding Poultry Breeds

Here are 3 ways to find specific poultry breeds in South Carolina and other states.

Remember, if poultry enter SC from another state -- it is required by law that they are from Pullorum-Typhoid Clean flocks (under the National Poultry Improvement Plan - NPIP) or the birds have been tested negative for Pullorum within 30 days prior to entry into SC.

1. NPIP National Directory - This site will give you the NPIP participants by state (Pullorum Clean breeders):

Look on the top banner for NPIP Participants by State
You will have to search for the bird breeds by each state - see below for NPIP Bird Code descriptions.
Each NPIP participant is coded with a NPIP number and subtype letter in front of their names (such as, 100 E). Look for those participants with a subtype letter of “E” for the Waterfowl, Upland Game Birds, and Exhibition Poultry participants. The other letters (B, C, D, G, H, etc. are commercial companies and won’t sell you birds).

NPIP Bird Codes for Breeding Flocks by Breed Name or Code Number - look under "Stock Codes"

2. Look in the “big” exhibition hatcheries for common and rarer type birds. These are also NPIP participants:

3. Look in the SC Department of Agriculture Market Bulletin. Archived issues are free to view.

You can always find poultry for sale -- BUT be aware that these birds may not be from NPIP Clean Certified flocks and tested for Pullorum-Typhoid.