SC Small Flock Certification Program

Clemson University Extension Service, CU Livestock Poultry Health Division and the SC Department of Agriculture have developed the Small Flock Certification Program, designed to educate flock owners on poultry diseases, biosecurity, management practices and to bring small poultry flocks into compliance with the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). This program is a component of the SC Ag-Watch Program (, since emergency type poultry diseases like Avian Influenza and Exotic Newcastle Disease can cause severe economic impacts to both small and commercial flocks. Preventing disease infestations in all flocks is essential. In addition, following the Small Flock Certification Program provides small flock owners with better quality poultry through education and disease monitoring.

Small Flock Certification minimum requirements:

  • Small flock owners must attend 2 of the Clemson Extension Backyard Poultry Seminars that include the topics of:
      • Flock Health (poultry diseases, parasites, anatomy & physiology, biosecurity and a necropsy demonstration)
      • NPIP program, Small Flock Certification and biosecurity
  • Breeder flocks are certified as NPIP Pullorum/Typhoid Clean Flock; or all poultry are received from NPIP Pullorum/Typhoid Clean breeders for farms containing no breeder birds, such as free-range, game birds, etc.
  • Pass a farm NPIP and biosecurity inspection to assure that the flock owner is adhering to the criteria endorsed in the educational workshops.
  • Farm premises registration with Clemson Livestock Poultry Health.

Upcoming Seminars

For more information, contact: Dr. Julie Helm at 803-726-7802, 803-260-6442 (