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Gettin help with your courses at the Academic Success Center at Clemson University, Clemson SC

Tutoring and Peer-Led Learning

Course support sessions provide students with the opportunity to master course concepts and effectively use their study time to learn and collaborate with other students who are also focused on their academic success. To learn more about our course support services and to view the schedules, click the links below.

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Free drop-in tutoring is offered for more than 100 undergraduate courses. Tutoring sessions are facilitated by trained peer-tutors.

Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL)

Free peer-assisted learning (PAL) sessions are offered twice a week for historically difficult undergraduate courses. PAL sessions are 80-minute small group learning sessions that are linked to a specific section of a course. More than 350 hours of PAL sessions are offered each week.

Request for Course Assistance

Sometimes students experience difficulty with a course for which PAL or tutoring sessions are not offered.  If you need assistance and have already verified that your course is not supported by PAL or tutoring, please submit a request for course assistance.

After you submit the completed request form, an ASC staff member will contact you for a follow-up meeting to learn more about your needs. During the meeting, we will explore options with you, including:

  • determining if a current tutor has already completed the course and can assist you
  • assisting you with forming an independent study group
  • connecting you with our learning strategies consultant or one of our academic coaches
  • utilizing other campus resources

Problem-Solving Pencasts

ASC tutors create and post online videos for selected course concepts that students frequently ask about in tutoring sessions.

For questions regarding course support, contact