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Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) Leaders

Peer-Assisted Learning at the Academic Succes Center, Clemson Univeristy

Information for Prospective PAL Leaders

  • How many PAL leaders are employed each semester?

    We employ between 100-150 students each semester in the PAL program.

  • What are the benefits of being a PAL leader?

    As a PAL leader, you will:

    • help other students learn and succeed
    • learn about your strengths and abilities as a leader
    • deepen your own comprehension of the subject matter
    • develop skills and knowledge that you will be able to articulate in professional or graduate school interviews.
  • What are the requirements for PAL leader applicants?

    Applicants must have the following:

    • Effective social and time management skills
    • A desire to learn and help others learn
    • An A in the course you would like to support. For particular courses, students who earned a B may also be considered.
    • A 3.3 cumulative GPA
    • A schedule that allows you to work 10-12 hours each week
    • Be able to enroll in CU 1110: Introduction to Supplemental Instruction during your first semester of employment as a PAL leader
    • An excellent recommendation from a faculty member.
  • How do I apply?

    To apply, complete the following forms:

    Once completed, these documents can be emailed to or submitted in person in ASC 311-A. A campus map can be found here.
    Direct any questions Rachel Anderson.

  • What can I expect if I'm hired?

    If you are selected for a PAL leader position, there are a few more steps to take. We will contact you via email about:

    • Employment paperwork you will need to complete. The paperwork must be completed within two weeks of your hiring date.
    • How to enroll in CU 1110. Bring your drivers license, Social Security card and Clemson ID card to 233 ASC to complete your paperwork.
    • Schedule the class section you will attend and your PAL session days and times.
    • New PAL leader training you must attend on the Monday and Tuesday before classes begin.
  • What do PAL leaders say about their experience working in the program?

    PAL leaders tell us that they have developed a variety of skills through their work as a PAL leader:

    • Collaboration: “Learning with others benefits you in ways that just studying on your own never would have.”
    • Self-reflection: “By critiquing/reviewing your own performance, you can better create and reach goals.”
    • Communication: “You don't fully understand something unless you can break it down and explain it in its most simple terms”
    • Public Speaking: “I feel much more comfortable speaking in front of large groups.”
    • Critical Thinking: “I appreciate when people question my questions now, instead of just telling me the answer. This facilitation is what makes you think harder and understand the concepts better.”

For questions about application materials, send an email to  or call 864-656-0781.

For Other PAL Questions: Rachel Anderson.