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New AuE Concur User Setup

Step 1 - Access Profile Options

Step 2 - Validate Name and Work Phone

  • Select Profile, then Profile Settings
  • From Profile Options, select Personal Information. Validate that the first, middle, and last name
    populated from HR matches the name on the government issued identification you use. If changes are
    necessary in the greyed-out section, contact HR and request a name change/correction. Concur does not
    have the ability to change this – it comes direct from HR.
  • Scroll to Contact Information and enter work phone and alternate phone number. Note: we are aware that the “required” message on the Contact Information section may not go away even after the section has been updated. This should not prevent
    you from completing the rest of your setup.
  • Select Save to save your changes.

Step 3 - Verify Email

  • From Personal Information, scroll down to Email Addresses. Your Clemson email address will be preloaded.
    Select Verify.
  • You should receive a verification code to your email address. Enter that verification code into the available box in your Concur profile to complete your verification.
  • Note: Receipts sent to from this email address will be automatically linked to your Concur profile. This step is not required (you will also be able to manually upload receipts into your Concur profile via a regular file upload), but some users with a larger number of monthly transactions may find this to be a convenient option.

Step 4 - Assign Delegates

  • From Profile Settings, select Expense Delegates on the left-hand side menu. Click Add and begin searching by Employee Name or Clemson Email
  • All AUE employees and student-employees need to select both of the following delegates:
    • McCameron, Meredith (
    • McMahan, Cynthia (
  • For employees (faculty and staff): For both delegates, please check the boxes as indicated below and then click Save.
  • For student-employees: For both delegates, please check the boxes as indicated below and then click Save.