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Automotive Engineering Resources

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Departmental List Servs & Shared/Joint Email Addresses

We currently have three departmental list serves:

    • Includes all staff in Department #0926 (Automotive Engineering)
    • Also includes individuals reporting up to other departments or units who may have an office space or frequently visit the CGEC building at CU-ICAR
    • All active degree-seeking students majoring in Automotive Engineering & students enrolled in our Graduate Certificate
    • This list does NOT contain students enrolled in our undergraduate certificate program, nor does it contain graduate students with another home academic department who are enrolled in AuE classes as electives
    • Includes all AuE faculty (regular faculty, Research Professors, Lecturers, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and adjuncts who are on-site in CGEC)
    • Also includes non-AuE faculty who teach classes out of CGEC

We currently utilize two shared/joint email addresses:

    • This is the email address we provide for prospective student communication to help ensure a timely response and mitigate concerns such as staff vacations or vacancies.
    • All AuE student services team members and the operations manager receive emails sent to
    • This is the email address we provide for all financial communications to both external suppliers and other CU units that we may conduct business with (for example, Inter-Departmental Orders or IDOs)
    • We ask that AuE employees and students utilize this address for reimbursement submissions (see Reimbursement Policy & Procedure)
    • Emails sent to are received by all members of the AUE financial team (fiscal technicians, accountant, and the operations manager.

External Requests for reimbursements should be submitted to Please review our full Reimbursement Policy.

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Items listed here are specific to the Automotive Engineering department and should be used only to supplement Clemson University policies and procedures. The "University Resources" section below links Clemson University policies and procedures.

Cubicle Allocation Policy
Cubicle Allocation Procedure
List Servs Policy
Personal Communication Stipends Policy & Procedure
Reimbursements Policy & Procedure
Weekly Cleanouts Policy