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    The Clemson Precision Agriculture program is headquartered at the Edisto Research and Education Center in Blackville, South Carolina. We strive to deliver data, products, and research to help growers of all sizes throughout the state of South Carolina and beyond. Click one of the buttons below to navigate to one of our interest areas, or click one of the links in the sidebar to learn more about us, view our currently available software, and browse publications.

  • Why Precision Ag?

    Crops in the Southeastern United States are generally produced in fields known to have a high degree of variability in soil type, topography, soil moisture and other major factors that affect crop production. Precision agriculture is a set of promising management tools that can enable the development of an agricultural system to effectively manage fields to account for this variability. The cornerstones of precision agriculture technology include the Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and variable rate equipment and controllers.

  • Precision Ag Impacts

    The potential impact to producers is reduced pesticide and nutrient use and thereby reduced input costs. Spatial-based information will enable growers to apply inputs (pesticides, nutrients, irrigation, etc.) only to locations and in the amounts needed in the field. Producers also benefit by the increasing availability of better and timely information about their crops for decision-making. They will be able to denote problem areas in a field before problems become visible and before it is too late to take corrective action. The impact to consumers is a cleaner environment and continued supply of good quality food at a reasonable cost. The ultimate outcome of the adoption of precision agriculture will be to enhance the competitive position of U.S. Agriculture and improve stewardship of the environment.

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