Calculators & Web Apps

One of the goals of the Clemson Precision Ag Group is to develop software solutions that can be used to help growers make improved management decisions. The calculators or web apps below are designed to be simple to use, and each one contains instructions for operation.

Drip Fertigation Calculator

Calculate daily and weekly fertilizer rates for drip fertigation.

EMC Calculator

Grain storage tool. Determine equilibrium moisture content (EMC) as function of air conditions. Includes EMC forecasting tool for local weather.

Clemson Fertilizer Blend Calculator

Evaluate different fertilizer blends for meeting NPK fertilizer application requirements in a cost effective manner.

Injection Pump Settings Calculator

Determine injection pump settings for chemigation and fertigation.

Lime Rate Calculator

Calculate lime requirements based on soil conditions.

Liquid Fertilizer Solution Calculator

Calculate nutrient compositions of liquid solution from soluble fertilizers.

Livestock Feed Ration Calculator

Calculate nutritional analysis and generate mix sheets for custom feed mixes.

Livestock Feed Ration Optimizer

Automate feed ration generation to match nutritional criteria and optimize feed costs.

Lime Rate Calculator

Get Clemson NPK fertilizer recommendations by crop and soil type based on soil test fertility levels.

Peanut Digger Conveyor Speed

Determine your digger conveyor speed using a stopwatch.

Peanut Loan Rate Calculator Icon

Calculate peanut loan rate, kernel value, discounts, and premiums on per ton and per acre basis as a function of inspection grade and FSA rates.

Peanut Yield Estimator

Estimate your peanut yield using observations from the windrow.

Pivot Fertigation Calculator

Schedule center pivot fertigation applications.

Soil Acidification Calculator

Determine soil pH resulting from application of a particular rate and source of agricultural lime.

Soil Acidification Calculator

Useful if lowering of soil pH is required for a field.

Watermark Soil Moisture Calculator

Use to assist with irrigation scheduling using Watermark 200SS sensors.