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cu-cat clemson university center for agricultural technology
Kendall Kirk showing farmer drone technology capabilities over crops in a field

Clemson University Center for Agricultural Technology


CU-CAT will be the hub for opportunities for Clemson Ag. Tech researchers and external parties to work together on developing, testing, and training on new technologies.

The pillars of research, education, and outreach are at the center of CU-CAT goals, missions, and desired outcomes and are directly aligned with the Land Grant Mission.

CU-CAT is a Clemson University center for collaboration focused on research, education, and outreach to positively impact farmers through the creation and deployment of new solutions and increased accessibility to existing resources and recommendations.

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two farmers out in the field holding a plant

CU-CAT Communities

Communities within CU-CAT will bring public and private industry together in network activities such as sponsored research, consortium, educational, and outreach projects related to the various entities’ shared interests. These communities will have participation agreements that govern memberships and contributions. Those that join will provide value in the form of technology, expertise, or funding as designated by guiding participation agreements.

CU-CAT Communities


A CU-CAT Community

The Ecosystem of Agricultural Technology Sharing contributes to the CU-CAT pillars of education, research, and outreach by serving as a touchpoint between Clemson University Agricultural resources and experts and companies looking to develop and contribute to the CU-CAT mission.

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clemson ecosystem of agricultural technology sharing
Clemson University Center for Agricultural Technology
Clemson University Center for Agricultural Technology | 64 Research St. Blackville, SC 29817