The software listed in the table below is compatible with most Windows platforms
(excluding CE and mobile).
Icon Name Description
Boundary Mapper software icon BM - Boundary Mapper Boundary Mapper is a tool that allows users to map field or other polygon boundaries by driving, walking, or otherwise traversing the perimeter while obtaining GPS position from a receiver.
Center Pivot Mapper CPM - Center Pivot Mapper Map-based tool for laying out new and existing center pivot irrigation systems. Layouts can be exported as ESRI shapefiles (.shp), Google Earth (.kml) files, or pdf files.
Polygon Merge Tool Icon PMT - Polygon Merge Tool GIS utility for merging polygon records in multiple ESRI shapefiles (.shp) into a common, merged shapefile. Useful with zones, grids, boundaries, and more.
SSU Icon SSU - Soil Sampling Utility Zone/Grid Soil Sampling Utility. Map-based interface for GPS collection of soil samples and other spatial point data. Inputs zones or grids as polygon shapefile. Outputs sample positions as CSV file. Requires NMEA-capable GPS.


Employees only: Restricted Access Software