12 Month Funding

Application process

Clemson University has the responsibility of allocating funds for local school districts to supplement the salaries for the Agricultural Education instructor for the additional days on his / her year round contract.

 In an effort to clarify the process, below you will find an outline of the procedures that Clemson will follow in issuing the funding:

  • An Application for Funding must be received from each school district.   These forms are due on June 1 each year.    This form is designed to outline the plan of activities for the local agricultural program.   It will identify those items that are mandatory, as well as allow your local program to select from the additional optional activities.   This application will be mailed each year in the spring to the school districts office of the Superintendent for each district which applied for funding the previous year.  This form must also include a list of all teachers for which the school district requests funding.
  • The annual allocation is based upon the EFA percentage allocations for each school district based upon the base teacher salary as posted annually by the South Carolina State Department of Education.   Actual funding is based upon the approved EIA budget, therefore total allocations per district will not be known until budget allocations are made and all applications are received (typically by the end of July).  
  •  A Final Report form must be received on or before August 1 for those programs that received funds from Clemson University the previous school year.  This form is required in order to report those activities which were accomplished. 
  •  The Agricultural Education staff at Clemson University will review all Applications for Funding as well as Final Reports and make a determination for funding for the upcoming school year.   In the event that a program is not meeting its minimum requirements, typically the school district will still be awarded its funding with the provision that the program will undertake an improvement plan.   If the Agricultural Program does not meet its minimal standards the second year, funding will not be granted.    The lone exception is in the case of FFA dues.   FFA is an integral part of Agricultural Education.   If an FFA roster and dues are not submitted prior to March 15 of each school year, funding will be cut for the following school year.
  •  Once funding is determined, an Allocation form will be sent to each school district.  The allocation form will contain the list of teachers approved for funding within the school district as well as the total amount to be sent.   This form should be received in the school district office no later than September 15.
  •  Accompanying the Allocation form will be an Assurance form.  This form should be signed and returned to Clemson University.  The Assurance form simply states that you have received your Allocation form and that you agree to spend the funds as they are intended in the allocation.
  • In order to receive any payment from the Clemson University, a one-time vendor registration is required. Payments will not be made until registration is completed.   CLICK HERE FOR VENDOR REGISTRATION.   Click on "add Vendor / Individual". Complete the form online and hit “Submit.“  Keep in mind as you complete the form that it is designed for businesses that sell items to the University and thus may have items that appear not to apply to you.   Please fill out the form in its entirety and press “Submit. “  ALL SCHOOLS RECEIVING PAYMENT MUST COMPLETE THIS REGISTRATION.
  • Once your Assurance form is received, the Financial Office at Clemson University will mail the check to the local school district.

 Clemson University regrets the paperwork required for this process.  However,  the accountability associated with issuing state appropriated funds is extensive.   If you have any problems, concerns or questions, please feel free to contact Troy Helms, State Director of Agricultural Education, Clemson University at  (803) 320 - 1064 or  rthelms@clemson.edu