Supplier Registration Process

Updated 12/15/2022 

All suppliers that do business with Clemson University MUST be registered in our supplier registration system. If a supplier needs assistance, please direct them to the supplier page on our website or the Supplier Registration team at 

Supplier Registration process: 

  1. Campus Users are responsible for completing a “Request New Supplier” form in buyWays. 
  2. A buyer in Procurement and Business Services approves or returns the new supplier request based on a valid business need. 
  3. The supplier is invited to register in buyWays. (Invitation will be an email from 
  4. When the suppliers complete the registration process, the registration enters into the approvals workflow. Please allow 3-5 business days for their profile to become active in buyWays. If we require more information or corrections need to be made, we will send the supplier an email. 

Click here to view the training document on how to request a new supplier. 

Supplier Registration Screenshots and Examples: 

Questions Frequently Asked by Suppliers 

What is a PO Failure contact? 

This is the person we would contact if we attempted to send a purchase order to the supplier and it fails to be delivered to the email address or fax number provided by the supplier.  

What is Paymode-X®? 

Clemson University's Accounts Payable department utilizes the Paymode-X® service via by Bank of America Merrill Lynch to pay its suppliers electronically. Clemson replaced paper checks with electronic payments in 2017.   

Is there a fee associated with using Paymode-X®? 

No, there are no fees associated with using Paymode-X®e. 

I received an email saying my Paymode-X® account ID is wrong? 

You input the wrong type of ID. We need your Paymode-X® account namePaymode-X® calls this your pmx name/ receiver ID. The Paymode-X Account (PMX) Name looks similar to "CompanyName.Receivables" and is an alpha/numeric value which contains a period in the middle.

Where can I find my Receiver ID PMX name? 

You can locate your receiver ID in your account confirmation email from Paymode-X®. Or log into Paymode-X® >> select the admin tab at the top of the screen, then Account Management >> then locate your account name/pmx name. Usually written in blue, it will look similar to this: CompanyName.Receivables. 

I received an email that my payment information was changed/edited, what does that mean?  

Either the Accounts Payable Manager has flagged you to receive a temporary check, until your Paymode-X® account is validated and activated by the Bank of America or activated. -OR- 

Your Paymode-X® account is now active. You will receive all future payments thru payments through Paymode-X®  No action is required by you.  

Who can I contact for help with Paymode-X® 

If you still have questions, please contact the disbursements team at

Can I get a check? 

Clemson University is no longer writing checks to businesses. Please follow the payment instructions for businesses and Paymode-X®. 

What are payment terms? 

Payment terms dictate how much time the University has to pay you and any discounts that may apply. Net 30 – you will receive the designated full amount no later than 30 days after the invoice date. 1% Net 20 – the University receives a 1% discount if we pay you within 20 days of the invoice date. 2% Net 10 – the University receives a 2% discount if we pay you within 10 days of the+ invoice date. 

Who can I contact for help with payment terms? 

If you still have questions, please contact the disbursements team at

I don’t have a W-9 what should I do? 

If you do not have a W-9, then you can choose a pre-populated W-9. Log into the registration >> go to tax information >> select add tax document >> select the appropriate form >> then select the link at the bottom of the pop-up box. Save the document to your computer. Either sign it in adobe or print it, SIGN it, scan and send to yourself then save it on your computer. Go back to the registration and in the pop-up, box select upload file and locate the electronic W-9. As we verify your W-9 information with the IRS, please ensure the information is exactly the same as what you have on file with the IRS. 

I don’t have an electronic version of my W-9. 

Make sure the W-9 is signed. Using a printer that scans, scan and send the document to yourself. Save the file then upload it to the registration. If you cannot access a printer that scans, take a picture of the W-9 and send the picture to your computer. Upload the picture.  

Can you upload my (W-9 or insurance) document for me? 

For security reasons we are not allowed to make modifications to your account on your behalf. Please log into your supplier registration portal and upload the documents yourself. 

Can you resend the invitation? 

Yes, but only to the email on file.  

Can you send the invitation to a different email? 

No. We can only send the invitation to the email on file. Please provide your campus customer with the name and email address of the person that will complete the registration.   

We can’t remember the password to the registration, how can we reset our password? 

Please use this link to reset your password, If you continue to have log in problems, contact Jaggaer customer service line (800) 233-1121.

Can you send me the log in link? 

Please use this link to access the registration portal,   

We no longer have access to our account; how can I get access to the account? (new sales rep, old person is no longer with the company, etc.) 

You must contact Jaggaer at 800-233-1121. They will be able to remove the person from your account and give access to the appropriate contact 

What’s the difference between buyWays and Ionwave? 

buyWays is our eProcurement system which is not open for public use and registration is by invitation only.  buyWays is used for shopping and payments. Ionwave is Clemson University’s bidding system which is open to the public and used for biddingEach system is separate. 

I registered in Ionwave why am I not active for shopping? 

The Ionwave bidding system and buyWays eProcurement systems are not directly linked. Registration in one system does not mean you have registered in both systemsIf you have been awarded a bid and are a new supplier, you will receive an invitation to register. 

Questions Frequently Asked by Campus Customers 

Can you expedite my supplier? 

All supplier requests and registration submissions are reviewed in the order in which they are received. 

The supplier says they’ve completed their registration, how come I can’t see them? 

The supplier's registration is currently going through the review and approval process. Please allow 3-5 business days for their profile to become active in buyWays. If we require more information or corrections to be made, we will send the supplier an email.  

I have an approval message why can’t I find my supplier? 

The message you received states that your request form has been approved. You will not be able to locate your supplier until they have completed their registration and have been approved for shopping. This can take 3-5 business days after your supplier completes their registration.  

Can I get an update on this supplier? 

  • Not started – The supplier was sent an invitation on ____. They have not started the registration yet. 
  • In progress – The supplier has completed ____ steps. Once they complete the registration, please allow 3-5 business days for their record to complete the vetting and approval process. 
  • Returned to in progress – The supplier was contacted on ____ and asked to log in and make the necessary changes to their registration to complete the vetting and approval process. 
  • Profile Complete – The supplier completed their registration on ____. The record is currently going through the vetting and approval process. Please allow 3-5 business days for their record to become active in buyWays. 
  • Active – The supplier you requested is now active and approved in buyWays. Please use supplier number ______. 
  • Rejected – The supplier’s registration has been rejected because they failed to complete their registration in 30 days. If an invitation needs to be re-sent, please provide us the name and email address of the person who will complete it. Otherwise, the supplier should use the link from their original supplier registration invitation email to start and complete their registration.