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Concur Travel & Expense

After you Travel

While using Concur, after the completion of your trip, your travel expense will be populated in Concur. You or your delegate will create a Concur Expense Report using the information and receipts provided. Please review the information below for details on submitting P-Card and travel reimbursement information and receipts.

Upon Your Trip Completion

  • Ensure all P-Card receipts have been submitted either directly to Concur or to your travel processor within 5 business day of your return. This is necessary to ensure timely processing and payment of P-Card expenses to our bank.
  • Notify your travel processor of your return, giving them your trip expense breakdown and all required documentation.  If the reimbursement form allows it, please note which expenses should have receipts already submitted electronically to Concur vs. those which have images attached to the form you submitted to the travel processor. It is also helpful if you indicate whether you used a P-Card or personal card. This tells them if the receipts are for a reimbursement or a P-Card transaction that needs processed.
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