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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in CU Mechanical Engineering

At ME, we envision a diverse and thriving community where all persons are afforded an active voice and a transparent and timely mechanism to address their concerns or views. 

Make your voice heard.

Semester Town Halls

The ME Department hosts a DEI-focused Town Hall every semester, details will be sent by email to the community in a timely manner

What should you expect when attending the Town Hall? At the Town Hall, the DEI Committee and/or the Department Chair will update all attendees on the DEI efforts from the department. A variety of initiatives will be implemented to spark group conversation about important current DEI-related topics.


What should you expect after sending your email? 
The email is sent to the ME Office Manager, who will first acknowledge receipt and then contact the ME DEI committee. The DEI committee will decide the course of action, and the Office Manager will contact you to follow up. Expect acknowledgment of receipt of your email within two business days and follow-up communication within 5 business days.

  1. A description of the incidence/situation/feedback
  2. The best way for us to contact you back, i.e., by email, meet online, schedule an in-person meeting.


Call 864 656-2482. You will be contacting the ME Office Manager directly. Depending on the situation, the ME Office Manager will likely ask for an email with all details.

What should you expect when making your call? For most occasions, immediate contact with the ME Office Manager. Your call will not be recorded; hence, expect to be asked to send an email to the Office Manager with a description of the incidence/situation/feedback. After sending your email, you can expect a similar process to that detailed above.

Other channels

If the channels provided above do not fit your needs, please reach out to other units on the campus.

  1. Office of the Ombuds – a place for anonymous feedback
  2. Office of Inclusion and Equity – Call 864 656 4238.
  3. Office of Access and Equity 864 656 3181 (223 Brackett Hall).
  4. Employees – HR Front Desk. Mention the issue, so they recommend the course of action – Call 864 656 2000

Useful Links

  1. Clemson University Office of Inclusion and Equity
  2. Clemson University Council for Diversity and Inclusion, including Commissions webpages:
    1. Accessibility Commission
    2. Commission on the Black Experience
    3. Commission on Latino Affairs
    4. LGBTQ Commission
    5. Veterans Commission
    6. Commission on Women
  3. Clemson University Office of Institutional Research
  4. TIGERS ADVANCE at Clemson University


Diversity Doctoral Fellowship Award Nomination
Diversity Doctoral Fellowship Award Information and Fact Sheet

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