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President's Commission on Women

Women's Commission Logo


The President's Commission on the Status of Women at Clemson University was established to improve the quality of life for women at Clemson. The Commission's charge is to: Discern the status of women at Clemson University and document findings; discover and pursue the removal of institutional barriers identified by the Commission; collect information and/or conduct research regarding issues which affect women, including the study of practices followed at other Universities' Commissions on Women; and explore problem areas that limit equal opportunities and advancement.

It is the Commission's pledge to encourage and inspire women to become leaders, problem solvers and innovators making meaningful contributions to American society. The President's Commission will publicize the role of Clemson University to improve the status of women at all levels.

Child Care Survey

In November, 2012, a child care needs assessment survey was administered to CU faculty, staff and graduate students by the Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment. The survey was a follow-up to a resolution supporting a campus child care center signed by the Women's Commission, Black Faculty and Staff Commission, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Graduate Senate, and Office for Access and Equity. Download summary.