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About the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to Clemson University's Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME). The department is well recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence in engineering education, research contributions, and scholarships and service. We are one of the largest academic departments in South Carolina and a significant source of engineering graduates for the state and the nation. Our faculty is proud of its significant contributions to the development of knowledge and educational innovations in Mechanical Engineering.

The faculty members are a dedicated group of engineering professionals, with currently seven out of twenty-three having received the prestigious National Science Foundation Career grant, many fellows of engineering societies, editors or associate editors of professional journals, and winners of very prestigious competitive grants. The department undergoes continuous improvement to adapt to the evolving needs of the profession but remains committed to excellence in research, education, and service to society.

We prepare our students to become technical leaders who can function as valuable, productive, and responsible members of society; we teach them to be aware of their ethical responsibilities, the need to continuously improve, and the challenges and opportunities of globalization. We offer accredited academic programs in Mechanical Engineering.

Our graduates of these programs are highly marketable, and most land jobs before receiving an academic degree. Many of our B.S. graduates chose to pursue advanced degrees at Clemson or other top institutions, and some pursue MBAs, medicine, or law degrees. Our graduate research program spans a broad and diverse range of topics in the general areas of thermal fluid sciences, dynamic systems and controls, design and manufacturing, and applied mechanics. Our funding sources are well balanced between industry and government and reflect our applied as well as science-based focus.

The ME department comprises 32 tenured/tenure track faculty and 7 full-time and part-time lecturers. These are supported by 10 technical and administrative support staff. We have over 1,000 undergraduate students (sophomore through senior year) and around 185 graduate students, roughly divided by 30% Ph.D. and 70% M.S. We are currently looking for additional tenure/tenure track faculty and lecturers and have to grow to keep up with the growing demand for our programs. In 2016-17 we graduated 220 B.S., 47 M.S., and 16 Ph.D. students.

Dr. Atul Kelkar

Dr. Atul Kelkar
D.W. Reynolds Distinguished Professor and Department Chair
Department of Mechanical Engineering

106 Fluor Daniel Building EIB
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0921

If you would like to speak with or meet with the Dr. Kelkar, please contact his assistant at 864-656-2482 or