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Mechanical Engineering

Research Clusters

Research with a Focus

Through collaborations among the faculty members within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, three research clusters were formed out of the areas of specialization.

  1. Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  2. Complex and Autonomous Systems
  3. Particulate Matter
Inside circuit used in vehicle
Architected material
Composite material closeup

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Research Cluster investigates and develops next-generation materials, advanced modeling, characterization, testing and manufacturing technologies to enable the efficient development of innovative, high-performance, high-quality products for energy, transportation, communication, health and sustainability applications.

Architected Materials Metallic Materials Composite Materials Extreme Manufacturing

Complex and Autonomous Systems

The Complex and Autonomous Systems Research Cluster works on complex systems problems across all quantitative sciences and dynamic systems. The research clusters develop modern theories, innovative methods and technologies for analysis, interpretation and utilization of vast quantities of data with applications in robotics, intelligent autonomous systems, manufacturing, human-machine interactions and more.

Intelligence & Mobility Synthesis Turbulence & Combustion Complex Systems & Data Sciences BioSystems
OPEN CAV Vehicle
Wang with sensors on floor
Drop levitation
Science As Art particulate image

Particulate Matter

Our research on particulate matter enables controlled manipulation of particulates in unit operations, such as sorting, separation, and transfer, for applications including healthcare diagnostics and therapeutics, materials processing, manufacturing, environmental detection, and remediation.