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Mechanical Engineering

Admissions FAQ

As one of the largest academic departments in South Carolina, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers high-quality graduate-level programs in Mechanical Engineering that include M.S. Thesis, M.S. Non-Thesis, Ph.D., and Graduate Certificates. Students without an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering or other related fields may submit their application and complete additional coursework as needed.

Graduate assistants pay significantly reduced tuition and receive a twice-monthly stipend. Mechanical Graduate Assistants are employed for up to a half-time basis (average up to 20 hours per week) during a specified appointment period as indicated on the offer letters. To be eligible for funding, students on assistantship must be enrolled full-time (minimum of 9 credits in fall and spring and 6 credits in the summer). This is a university policy and cannot be waived.

Students who have been selected to receive an assistantship will receive an offer letter from the Department Chair.

  • What is the application deadline?

    The Mechanical Engineering Department's final decisions are typically made between mid-March and mid-April for Summer and Fall admission and the end of October for Spring admission. All materials for the review process should be submitted electronically, with applicants able to check their application status using the online status check. International applicants must also consider any Office of International Services deadlines that relate to I-20 issuance.

    All application materials must be submitted by February 15 - for student enrollment in Summer & Fall semesters and September 29 – for student enrollment in the Spring semester.

  • What materials are required to apply?

    All supporting material will be submitted electronically. Students admitted to Clemson and who decide to attend can submit official transcripts to Graduate Admissions upon arrival on campus.

    1. Personal Statement
    2. Letters of Recommendation (2 M.S., 3 Ph.D.)
    3. Transcripts from each college or university attended
    4. *TOEFL/IELTS/PTE Academic scores (international applicants whose native language is not English)
    5. Resume/CV (optional, but encouraged)
    6. Application fee: None

    NOTE: the minimum score requirements for admissions

    • TOEFL – 80
    • IELTS – 6.5
    • PTE Academic – 54

    Application Review Process

    While the Department of Mechanical Engineering is looking for applicants with competitive GRE scores (optional), the program is also seeking to admit a diverse cohort of students and is utilizing the holistic approach for the application review process. Average GRE scores provided by the university should serve as a gauge only; many other factors are considered during the review, including industry and research experience, previous academic success, strong recommendations and personal statement. Please review the Preparing to Apply- Supporting Materials page for helpful tips on writing your Personal Statement, CV and resume samples, recommendation requests and more.

  • Will I receive financial aid?

    Clemson University offers a wide variety of financial aid and references to external funding resources for graduate-level students. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers several types of graduate assistantships and fellowships.

    Graduate Assistantship: A graduate assistantship is a part-time employment opportunity that provides partial tuition and may include a stipend. The allocation of assistantship funding is driven primarily by students’ faculty research advisors. Thesis master’s and Ph.D. students are encouraged to reach out to ME faculty members whose research interests align with their own to identify a research advisor. Students should consult the ME Faculty Directory and ME Research page for information on active research and faculty contact information.

    Fellowships: Fellowships are monetary awards that require no service or work from the student. Typically, fellowships are awarded on merit. The Graduate School maintains a list of available fellowships on its website that includes information on many external fellowships.

    Endowed Teaching Fellows

    The Endowed Teaching Fellows program is established within the Department of Mechanical Engineering to promote Ph.D. students with the potential and desire to pursue an academic career. Through the program, the Department will help such students acquire in-class teaching experience to make them more competitive when applying for a faculty position.

    To apply for the Endowed Teaching Fellowship, the student must submit a letter of interest and statement of career plans, resume, academic record, and a nomination statement written by the student’s academic advisor and signed by each member of the student’s advisory committee. Full details can be found in the ME Graduate Handbook.

  • Who do I contact for program details?

    Degree Program Coordinators

    The Graduate Student Services Coordinator is the initial contact for graduate students arriving on campus. The Graduate Student Services Coordinator and the Program Coordinator are the authorities on regulations and procedures pertinent to the graduate programs and should be contacted whenever questions or problems occur.

    ME Graduate Contacts
    Name Title Office
    Irina Kharitonova Student Services Coordinator 102A Fluor Daniel
    Jane Zhao Program Coordinator 201 Fluor Daniel

Graduate Program

Information on Mechanical Engineering Courses for Clemson University Graduate Program can be found in the Graduate Student Course Catalog. For answers to commonly asked questions, please view the Graduate School FAQ page.

Potential applicants interested in graduate studies at Clemson University will submit their application and all supporting material to the Office of Graduate Admissions. All material for the review process will be submitted electronically, and applicants can check the status of their application by using the online status check.