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Mechanical Engineering

Fundamental Areas

Autonomous demo in Greenville


Research in the area of design spans a wide variety of activities ranging from early-stage customer needs assessment and ideation to design embodiment, detail design and optimization, to Design for X topics.

Design Area

Dynamics and Controls

Dynamics and controls seek to model, analyze, and regulate the behavior of dynamic systems, which may be physical or economic. This study area has numerous engineering applications, which are often interdisciplinary.

Dynamics and Controls Area
John Wagner with student in test vehicle.
John Saylor in lab.

Fluid Mechanics

Research in fluid mechanics in the department encompasses a wide range of areas to advance the state-of-the-art fundamental knowledge and/or improve practical engineering and environmental applications.

Fluid Mechanics Area


Our manufacturing program focuses on innovating and understanding impactful manufacturing processes and materials through interdisciplinary research with the goal of sustainable production capabilities.

Manufacturing Area
Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte in lab using equipment.
Jane Zhao light research.

Mechanics and Materials

Mechanics and Materials faculty investigate, both computationally and experimentally, the response of materials to a wide range of external or internal stimuli. 

Mechanics and Materials Area

Thermal Sciences

Research in the thermal sciences addresses issues such as how heat is transferred during phase change, during combustion, during unique high-speed, small-scale processes, and using specific phase change devices.

Thermal Area
Xin Zhao with student in lab