Clemson University Accessibility Commission

The Accessibility Commission is a group of representatives including faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students from different areas across campus. Each member has a passion for making sure that students, employees, and visitors with a diverse range of abilities have the tools needed and an environment to be successful. Meetings with the combined group occur four times a year with the majority of the work being completed by subcommittees who work in specialized areas.

Our Mission 

The Accessibility Commission aims to promote accessibility, equal opportunity, and an increase in the quality of life for individuals with disabilities while strengthening our community through diversity.  The Commission meets four times each year as a combined group. Much of what the Commission achieves is due to the efforts of its smaller, more specialized subcommittees. Each subcommittee meets at various times throughout the year and reports on their efforts during the larger Commission meetings. The subcommittees include:

  • Web/Digital Accessibility - Promoting accessibility for all CU Information and Communication Technology including websites and online course work
  • Transportation Services and Campus Accessibility - Including removal of physical barriers to programs and services
  • Accessibility Awareness - Including advancement of accessibility as a part of diversity and inclusion by training, workshops and programs
  • Universal Design for Learning - Providing training and a plan for departments to implement UDL in the classroom

Testimonials from CU employees

“I was having some trouble figuring out how to take care of a few items on some web pages, the Accessibility Commission was there with keen eyes to help me dissect my pages to come up with a solution to make the pages compliant, along with revealing some simple things I had missed. Having such an experienced group working together to help the university stay in compliance is rare, but down right, Awesome!” ~ CU Web Developer

“I am grateful to have access to the Office of Access and Equity on a regular basis as a full-time faculty member at Clemson University. With the support of providing auxiliary services/aids, I am able to enjoy all the goods and services that Clemson has to offer. I feel the office has allowed me to feel equal and be "all in" with Clemson family. I am able to utilize services within and outside of my classroom such as sign language interpreters and closed captioning. My favorite feature of this office is to provide me with closed captioning services of Clemson sporting events, and I feel included to say GO TIGERS.” ~ CU Lecturer