CAMM Extension and Applied Research Publications

Image of Dr. John Chastain teaching a Confined Animal Manure Manager class.

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A Model to Estimate Ammonia Loss

A Thickening Process for Reducing the Cost of Utilizing Dairy Lagoon Sludge

Ammonia Volatilization Losses during Irrigation of Liquid Animal Manure

Ammonia Volatilization Losses Following Irrigation of Liquid Swine Manure in Commercial Pine Plantations

Chemical and Physical Properties of Potting Media Containing Varying Amounts of Composted Poultry Litter

Composition of Animal Manure Compost and Utilization

Composition of Equine Manure as Influenced by Stall Management

Composting of Turkey Brooder Litter in South Carolina - An On-Farm Demonstration Project

Correlation Equations to Predict the Solids and Plant Nutrient Removal Efficiencies for Gravity Settling of Swine Manure

Covers - A Method to Reduce Odor from Manure Storages

Effect of Application Method on Ammonia Loss Following Application of Swine Manure

Effectiveness of Liquid-Solid Separation for Treatment of Flushed Dairy Manure - A Case Study

Effects of scrubber by-product-stabilized dairy lagoon sludge on growth and physiological responses of sunflower

Enhanced solid–liquid separation of dairy manure with natural flocculants

Estimation of Sludge Accumulation in Lagoons

Field Evaluation of a Two-Stage Liquid-Solid Separation System at a California Dairy

Fractionation of Solids, Plant Nutrients, and Carbon as a Result of Screening Broiler Litter

Impact of Storage Time on the Composition of a Finished Compost Product: A Case Study

Geotextile Filtration Performance for Lagoon Sludges and Liquid Animal Manures Dewatering

Manure Nitrogen Management Issues in Conservation Tillage

Nutrient Management for South Carolina Based on Soil Test Results (EC 476)

Removal of Solids and Major Plant Nutrients from Swine Manure Using a Screw Press Separator

Solid-Liquid Separation Alternatives for Manure Handling and Treatment (goes to the USDA-NRCS Part 637 Environmental Engineering National Engineering Handbook site)

Solid Manure Spreader Calibration (goes to the Land Grant Press publication site)

Solids and Plant Nutrient Content, and Settling Characteristics of Milking Centre Wastewater on a Grazing Dairy

Tree Growth Benefits and Water Quality Impacts of Using Animal Manure to Fertilize Pine Plantations

Using Broiler Litter as an Energy Source - Energy Content and Ash Composition

Using Poultry Litter to Fertilize Longleaf Pine Plantations for Enhanced Straw Production

Utilization of Brick Plant Air Scrubber By-product to Enhance Settling and pH Adjustment of Anaerobic Dairy Lagoon Sludge