Youth Development Studies (B.S.)


Today’s youth are dynamic, challenging, diverse and teeming with potential. Any leader who wants to reach this age group must be able to design and deliver relevant youth programs and services. This is exactly what the youth development studies degree program aims to provide you. A unique degree program, the youth development studies major at Clemson is a part-time, online, degree-completion program intended to serve professionals and leaders currently working in youth-serving organizations. Students who enroll in the program must come into Clemson with at least 33 general education credit hours and 27 hours in approved elective credits. Graduates of the degree program will be prepared to guide youth and lead staff to promote positive youth development by focusing on assets within the context of culturally diverse family and community structures.


  • Youth development studies is a part-time, online degree completion program that requires that students enter with at least 60 hours of approved credits.
  • Students are expected to spend approximately 10-12 hours a week studying for each course.
  • Students will take two consecutive seven-week classes per semester, including summers.
  • Each cohort will be required to be on campus once a year for two to three days.
  • Courses for this new major will begin in August 2015.


Our cohorts begin classes in August and go through the three-year program together. Classes in this degree-completion program will prepare you to identify and facilitate physical, emotional, cognitive, environmental and social issues related to being a young person in today’s society.

Initially, course work will focus on the theory and philosophy of youth work as well as the development of youth in various contexts — within society, family, school, community and social networks. You will learn how to build effective, strong youth programs and activities that connect and engage youth in order to sustain positive well being and prepare them for successful adulthood. We expect graduates to empower the voices of this generation to help them become tomorrow’s leaders.

Classes will be taken in seven-week intensive blocks, with two completed per semester. During the summer, the two courses will be completed consecutively for six weeks each. While this major is primarily geared toward meeting the needs of working professionals, students are nonetheless expected to devote between 10 and 12 hours a week studying and focusing on course work.

Concentration Areas

  • Nonprofit leadership
  • Camp management
  • Event management
  • Athletic leadership


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