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Residency Classification

  • Clemson campus, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
  • Clemson campus,Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina
  • Clemson campus,Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

The Office of Residency Classification assists graduate and undergraduate students with application for entitlement to pay in-state rates on tuition and fees.

SC Regulation 62-605.
Resident status may not be acquired by an applicant or student while residing in South Carolina for the primary purpose of enrollment in an institution or for access to state supported programs designed to serve South Carolina residents. An applicant or student from another state who comes to South Carolina usually does so for the purpose of attending school. Therefore, an applicant or student who enrolls as a non-resident in an institution is presumed to remain a non-resident throughout his or her attendance and does not qualify under any of the residency provisions.

  • Application for Resident Status

    Each student or prospective student whose status for entitlement of in-state tuition and fees is uncertain can receive a University ruling. In doing so, students and their families must provide all relevant information on special application forms. Supporting documentation is routinely required.

    Undergraduate students must submit a complete application, which consists of

    • Student form
    • Parental/Spouse/Guardian Form
    • Supporting documentation

    Military students will only need to submit the completed Military form as their application.

    These forms can be printed from this Web page or obtained from the Office of Residency Classification in G01 Sikes Hall, 864-656-2280.

    Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

  • Forms

    Student form
    Parent/Spouse/Guardian form
    Military form

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News and Announcements

Applications take several weeks to review once all of the documentation has been received. In order to receive a decision by the day bills are due, you must submit your application by the recommended deadlines which are:

  • June 15 for Fall semester applications
  • November 1 for Spring semester applications
  • Aprils 15 for Summer semester applications

Applications will be accepted until the day before the first day of classes for the term that a student is seeking in-state status, but the full out-of-state bill must be paid. If a student’s residence is changed, he or she will receive a refund for any overpaid tuition.

The review of the petition and an initial determination of the status may take as long as six (6) to eight (8) weeks, not including the subsequent appeals. You will be responsible for all late fees and finance charges during the entire process.