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Clemson students sit at tables underneath library bridge beside the reflection pond.

Community That Creates Action

Clemson is where you are inspired to refine your skills, guided through new challenges and encouraged to help others along the way. On campus, our diverse community comes together to create meaningful impact.

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Surroundings That Inspire Gratitude

A walk across Clemson’s campus transports visitors from rolling hills to Death Valley and farther still to Lake Hartwell. The sound of the carillon greets those within earshot of Tillman Hall, and often, the sight of an orange and purple sunset signals the end of a day spent in Clemson.

James Barker Illustration of Brooks Center
Clemson students sit together in a dining hall in Douthit Hills as the sun sets and highlights Tillman Hall.
Four male Clemson students play touch football on an intramural field beside Memorial Stadium.

Organizations That Foster Friendships

Six performing arts majors sing and jump in the air while on a set designed to emulate a classroom in the Brooks Center.
Business student Ariel Lopez smiles with one of her friends in ROTC, each wearing camouflage uniforms.

“Starting out, I heard a lot that the reason you come isn't the reason you stay. What really keeps people here is that it is a brotherhood, and that's what I've enjoyed a lot with every organization I've been involved in here at Clemson. You grow with these people.”

Ariel Lopez
Business Management '20

Campus Culture That Promotes Family

Nursing professor Janice Garrison Lanham smiles, wearing her white coat and stethoscope.

“I completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing at Clemson. My husband, Drew, is a distinguished alumni professor and an alumni master teacher at Clemson. He also completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees here. Our children both graduated from Clemson. We are a Clemson family! We love it here! This place, these hills. We love the people and the campus and appreciate the opportunities our Clemson experiences have afforded us, both personally and professionally.”

Janice Garrison Lanham
senior lecturer
School of Nursing
Clemson faculty and their children interact at a gathering behind Cooper Library.