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Three female students sit together at an outdoor table. Two female students on the right have their laptops open, while the female student on the left has a textbook open.

Community That Creates Action

Clemson is where you are inspired to refine your skills, guided through new challenges and encouraged to help others along the way. On campus, our diverse community comes together to create meaningful impact.

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Surroundings That Inspire Gratitude

A walk across Clemson’s campus transports visitors from rolling hills to Death Valley and farther still to Lake Hartwell. The sound of the carillon greets those within earshot of Tillman Hall, and often, the sight of an orange and purple sunset signals the end of a day spent in Clemson.

James Barker Illustration of Brooks Center
Clemson students sit together in a dining hall in Douthit Hills as the sun sets and highlights Tillman Hall.
Four male Clemson students play touch football on an intramural field beside Memorial Stadium.

Organizations That Foster Friendships

Six performing arts majors sing and jump in the air while on a set designed to emulate a classroom in the Brooks Center.
Student Gabriella Lynne, left, hugs a woman in front of a mural in downtown Clemson that reads, “Greetings from CLEMSON.” Each letter in CLEMSON incorporates a design that reflects various points of interest around campus and the community.

“Since coming to school, my family says I am more confident and outgoing. Probably because Clemson students are confident and never seem like strangers. That has rubbed off on me and made me better.”

Gabriella Lynne
Food Science and Human Nutrition ’23

Campus Culture That Promotes Family

Student Ryan King, wearing a gray Patagonia hat and a red T-shirt, poses in front of a waterfall with two dogs, a German shepherd and a Labrador retriever

“When everybody’s in the student section [at football games], we’re all there for the same exact reason in that one instance. That’s certainly a special time being able to feel that community and being able to cheer and high-five with people you don’t know that are around you. That’s a great sense of community. … I don’t think anyone really takes going to Clemson for granted. I think they all know that it’s such a truly special place and there’s nowhere else in the world like it.”

Ryan King
Recreation and Tourism Management ’20
Clemson faculty and their children interact at a gathering behind Cooper Library.