Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Clemson is committed to actively pursue initiatives to drastically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on our campus.  President Barker has formally committed to these goals by signing the ACUPCC. 

Signed by Clemson in 2007: American College & University President's Climate Commitment


As part of our commitment, a comprehensive inventory of all GHG emissions has been compiled.  In order to monitor our progress, emissions are characterized and updated annually. The results are reported in metric tons of carbon dioxide equivavlents (MTeCO2). The visual below presents three categories of emission sources defined as Scope 1, 2 and 3.

In general the scopes contain direct, indirect and miscellaneous types of greenhouse emissions categorized in the following figure:

View Simplifying the Types of GHG Emissions
Simplifying the Types of GHG Emissions

Our purchased power from Duke Energy represents our primary source of GHG emissions. In 2009, our electrical purchase was responsible for 50% of our total GHG emissions. The charts below provide a simplified breakdown of the major sources of GHG emissions directly related to our university.

2009 Total GHG Emissions pie chart and graph
2009 Total GHG Emissions pie chart and graph

As we continue to monitor our annual GHG emissions, as presented in the graph below, we see a reduction in our GHG emissions.  Our challenge ahead is to drastically reduce our GHG emissions.  We hope to capture a significant gain by relying on Duke Energy, our sole provider of electricity, to cut their emissions in half - by approximately 50 million tons - by 2030.

View Longitudal Performance
Longitudinal Performance

The entire Environmental Stewardship presentation as presented by Sightlines is available as a download.